An Awakening Spiritual Journey into Dirty Politics after Election 2008

by Emmie Ross



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 6/26/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 340
ISBN : 9781438920269

About the Book

The Formula for the Illuminati’s New World Order of 2012

The word “Awakening” also means “Enlightened” which refers to the Illuminati in Latin. It is the code name for a secret shadowy government through present day corporations that has been setup by the 1st Antichrist to control the world affairs. In order to achieve his goal he has to overthrow our capitalist government, and replace it with his secret agenda of a “Satanic New World Order” under Socialism.

Why did Jesus have to step in to protect the Independent Candidate for United States House of Congress in 2006?

An Awakening Spiritual Journey into Dirty Politic after Election 2008 will capture the Spiritual Holocaust that went beyond the moral fiber of one’s imagination and comprehension of evil by the superhuman power of the 1st Biblical Antichrist. This nonfiction riveting book is an awakening of how our taxpaying dollars have been orchestrated by him on the Federal level of the American Government with its partners in crime, the Democratic Party, some Senatorial and Congressional Republicans and Independents secretly embedded in the Democratic Party, and the Liberal Media. Four main ingredients are fueling it: greed, corruption, revenge, and power, which spell the Illuminati!


As my epic journey begins inside the spoon of dirty politics in January 2003, I will unknowingly walk directly inside the spiritual warfare of the principality of evil by the inner circle of the Illuminati. With the Living God standing by me, I have survived my journey. God wants the rest of the world to be prepared for what lies ahead. Evil and dirty politics can be defeated. That is why I have been chosen by God to expose my story to the world of what I personally witnessed.

About the Author

                 Emmie Ross

As an active Christian, I was blessed to be far removed from the rest of world on 90 acres of beautiful rich land surrounded by nature where I spent the nurturing years of my childhood in Monticello, Florida, twenty-six miles east of Tallahassee under the watchful eye of maternal grandmother. The name “Emmie” is French means “to love.”

At the age of ten, I was reared by mother and stepfather, and graduated from Crooms High in Sanford, Florida.  I was given the opportunity to grow into adulthood, and enjoy the wondrous of what life had to offer.

Political Agenda

·        Delegate to the Democratic Governor Convention, December 2001

·        Ran a gubernatorial campaign office in Delray Beach, Florida - 20002

·        Independent Democratic Coordinator for South Florida Gubernatorial /Primary Election -2002

·        Independent Democratic Coordinator for Palm Beach County/General Election - 2002

·        Political Strategist - Campaign Manager/Democrat Jeff Fisher vs. Republican Congress Mark Foley – January 2003- March 2004

·        Candidate for Supervisor of Elections/Martin County -2004

·        United States Independent Candidate for United States Congress – 2006