The Boston Slasher

by Alastair Rosie



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/25/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 484
ISBN : 9781438915203

About the Book

Lisa Callaghan of Boston Homicide is good at her job, intuitive, earthy, and a recovering alcoholic. When a vicious serial killer begins stalking the streets of Boston she heads up the investigation. Paired with a younger detective, Luke Farmer she soon discovers that not only does the slasher have a fondness for beautiful, talented women, but he is also fixated with her. To further complicate matters her ex boyfriend, Special Agent Jack Tanner reappears bringing with him memories of an violent, abusive relationship that hinged on obsession. Together the three of them must track down the serial killer before he finishes his masterpiece but in the pursuit they will discover that even more terrifying demons are stalking the hidden places of their hearts. A tale tinged with tension, lust and good earthy humour builds to a sudden climax where Lisa will come face to face with her darkest fear.
Unlike traditional books about serial killers however this story injects a healthy amount of humour and sexual tension giving us a view of cops as humans first and cops second. Lisa's battle with reality as she struggles to adjust to a life of sobriety acts as a positive counterweight to the main plot and allows the reader time to draw breath.

About the Author

Alastair's first published piece was for the old Jodie Foster website way back in 1997, where he wrote a film essay on Nell. He became the writer in residence for the site for a few years and in that time completed his first electronic novel Heritage Restored.
He has written a great deal of material since then, ranging from travel articles through to book reviews and short stories. With more novels in the pipeline he feels he has yet to find his favourite genre and has decided to just keep writing until he finds it.
The Boston Slasher is his second full novel and he hopes to write at least one more novel as a sequel, as he feels the characters were such engaging people.
But before that he has more pieces to complete so for now readers will have to be content with The Boston Slasher.
You can find his website here