War and living with PTSD:

Vietnam 1969-1970 and the Cambodia incursion in 1970

by Robert Carson Krause



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Language : English
Publication Date : 6/3/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 144
ISBN : 9781438949475

About the Book


Robert was a carefree college student when he was drafted in July 1969. He was soon crawling through the steamed rice patties and fetid swamps of the Mekong Delta around Cu Chi and then in 1970 from April until June, the Cambodia incursion in III and IV Corps.

Robert spent a year humping the boonies as a radio telephone operator in the 25th Division. Through air strikes, firefights, and ambushes, he fought the grunts war; the war the base camp commandos never saw.
Robert captures the terror, anarchy, death, dying and trauma of war. All the bloody horrors that etched into the faces of countless young American men, searing images that would last forever in their minds and would last forever.
 Robert was then stationed at Fort Polk, Louisiana (called little Vietnam) as an instructor to train future grunts in Radio Telephone Communications.
Betty and Robert returned to Denver and he completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees.
Robert then went to work on a long list of jobs (28). For the 30 years since he returned, he could not figure out what was  happening to him and was hospitalized for suicidal thoughts. He then began the Post Traumatic Stress Program at the V.A. Hospital in Denver and found thousands of "Brothers" were suffering the same truma.
One concern combat veterans realized very quickly was "you never get over PTSD," you only learn how to manage the symptoms.
Thousands of combat veterans have PTSD today as well as the Iraq and Afghanistan soldiers are or will experience.
This book is dedicated to the need to select leaders who believe war is the last solution and to quote Thomas Jefferson: "If a nation expects to be ignorant and free...it expects what never was and never will be."

About the Author

        ABOUT THE AUTHOR   Robert grew up in a low income, industrial city. The main form of gaining respect in this tough area was fistfights with other peers. In 1966 teenagers came in two ways. If you were a “soc” you had a

future. But if you were a “greaser,” you were an outsider with nothing other then friends. Like Vietnam, Robert felt like he was caught between childhood’s innocence and adult’s disillusionment. Robert didn’t graduate from high school but did learn survival on the streets that would help him later in his young life. Robert moved to Phoenix and began to learn a more progressive lifestyle.


He then entered College in California, but was drafted and had to return to Colorado for induction into the army.


In December of 1969, Robert married Betty and in 1970, was off to war.


After going through Nam and the Cambodia incursion Robert was one of the fortunate ones to return home or so he thought.


Robert then got serious about his future. In 1975, Robert graduated with honors from college. He double majored in Political Science and Social Work. He double minored in History and Economics. This is when he became obsessed with political science. He received a graduate degree from The University of Denver in Social Work.


In 1992 Robert began the outpatient program at the Veterans Hospital in Denver. He then  learned about PTSD, affecting hundreds of combat vets. Robert became suicidal in 2003 and entered the Veterans Hospital and after he was stabilized he went into the inpatient program for PTSD.


Robert is involved with several Veterans’ programs and was a State Delegate in 1972 and in the recent 2008 campaign. This is Robert’s first book.