He Is Not Here

by Robert Brunger



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/6/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 308
ISBN : 9781438915814

About the Book

Following publication of his first book, ‘The Miracle of Jesus’, author Robert (Bob) Brunger was challenged to continue the story of Jesus beginning with the events of Easter Day. 


Adopting a style which discounts miraculous intervention and telling the story through the adventures of a young but maturing student ‘He is not here’ guides the reader through events occurring after the crucifixion of Jesus, including his appearances to various followers, the birth of the young Church in Jerusalem and the dramatic conversion of the persecutor, Saul. Although the novel embraces a wider field than the traditional record, events remain in the political and religious context of the period as described by the Gospels, history and scholarship.


The author draws on more than 35 years experience as a lay magistrate to examine, critically, eye witness reports of the resurrection appearances described in the New Testament in an attempt to explain contradictions occurring within the four Gospels and to account for St. Paul’s completely different version of the events, found in his first letter to the Corinthian Church. The result of this study together with further background information on people and places is contained in a separate supporting Commentary within the book.


Some will find the conclusions reached surprising and possibly a little frightening. Others will welcome them as an opportunity to open a door to fresh debate on this most engaging subject

About the Author

Robert Brunger JP, C Eng., MIMMM


Robert (Bob) Brunger, born in Saltburn, North Yorkshire, England was educated at the local Grammar School before entering Constantine Technical College to study Metallurgy.

He began working in the Iron and Steel Industry in 1954 eventually joining the British Iron and Steel Research Association where for several years he was responsible for conducting research into projects concerned with the more efficient operation of the ironmaking process. His investigatory work resulted in the publication of several technical papers both nationally and internationally.

Bob is very much a family man, married to Margaret with one son, Ian, two daughters, Carol and Judy and six grandchildren, the latest additions being twin boys to younger daughter, Judy, who also provides illustrations for his books.

The family has had links with the Methodist Church for five generations with  commitments which include Bob’s service as a Local Preacher for more than 40 years. It was this involvement which influenced his desire to delve deeply into the historic and religious backgrounds to the Gospel stories of Jesus, to provide interpretation which is meaningful and relevant to the present day.

Amongst many voluntary community based interests, Bob has served as a Magistrate for more than 35 years, a task requiring the very careful assessment of evidence prior to decision making.

It is, he says, a combination of these pursuits, the technique of research, the interest in Christian theology and the experience of judging evidence that has influenced both the style and content of his writing, to some radical, even controversial, to many, open and honest.