A Little House on a Great Big Hill

by Lana C. Kuystermans



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 7/17/2008

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 1
ISBN : 9781496949165

About the Book

This little book is based on a true story about a mom and dad with two young boy's.  In life, at any age, there can be bad situation's to overcome. Misplacing a child can be unbearable for a parent or any other life situation gone bad.   However, as Christian's, we are taught to pray, seek and trust our Holy Maker and yes, over and over again, many miracle's occur.  Christian's around the world can tell of their "bad situation" being resolved and harmony being restored to their live's again.  Have faith in Jesus, our Heavenly Father and His Holy Spirit  for He promises us,  "He will never leave us or forsake us"  Trust His word!

About the Author

I am happy to say that I am a wife and mother of four grown children who in their live's have enriched my life.  Ten years ago I started writing poetry and children's story books and found that the daily family event's are what I carried in my heart.  The stories that ended up in book form are very much part of the event's of my life as a mother.  As a mother and wife, God has blessed our family over and over again.  The Lord has proved His scriptural promises to Believer's around the world, including me.  My first published book was called, "Soft Petal Poem's with Heartfelt Love."  It is a book of special relationship's we have made throughout our live's.  There are poems for every single person in the world.  This I call my "Soft Christian Poetry Book."  God is Love!  Be blessed always!