The Legend of Dragonfly Pond

Book Two

by Alene Adele Roy



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 6/9/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 56
ISBN : 9781434386120
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 56
ISBN : 9781496958822
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 1
ISBN : 9781481717281

About the Book

“The Legend Of Dragonfly Pond ~ Book Two” consists of four stories: Wings Learns To See Two Views, Wings And The Golden Dragonfly Discover A Secret Garden, Wings Goes Down To New Orleans, and Wings And The Sleigh Crash, plus The Legend Of Dragonfly Pond Game By Alene. In Wings Learns To See Two Views, the young dragonfly had planned to find Green Worm and share some secrets. But Crow will soon change his plans when he shows Wings a coyote heading toward a sweet deer in Echo Meadow. Will Wings be able to save the deer, will someone fly with him to help, and who is the new dragonfly at the pond? In Wings And The Golden Dragonfly Discover A Secret Garden, Wings plans to visit Grandmother at The Garden At Waterspray Way. She sends him and a new friend, The Golden Dragonfly, to a Secret Garden. There they meet Early Earthworm, Golden Dog, Guard Kitty, Cinnamon, The Tin Can Man, and see The Wedding Temple, Cinnamon Chateau, The Golden Medallion, and The Treasure Map of 1818. But will they find The Treasure Trunk of The Golden Garden? In Wings Goes Down To New Orleans, Wings joins migrating dragonflies in a journey to ‘America’s Most Interesting City.’ On Autumn Breeze, he sees Jackson Square, statues of Andrew Jackson and the ‘Maid of Orleans,’ the Mississippi River, fabulous architecture, a wedding march, the Aquarium of the Americas, and Tropical Storm Allison. Will Wings survive the storm that caused The Great Flood of 2001? In Wings And The Sleigh Crash, it’s Christmastime and guests are arriving at Dragonfly Pond. Yet, Wings will be called away because of a surprising, startling, situation at the Hidden Nook at Owl’s Tor near Craggy Eggy Moor. Then suddenly, in a light, misty snowfall, The Secret Tunnel appears and it is there he learns that there is no time limit on friendship. But will he be able to summon more help in time to save a slipping sleigh, and who will become ‘Critter Of The Year’? Epilogue: Don’t miss this explanation about the life of dragonflies! GAME INCLUDED: The Legend Of Dragonfly Pond Game by Alene is included in the back of the book. This two page board game can be played right from the book or removed and laminated for exciting fun with family, friends, and Wings and the creatures and critters from The Legend Of Dragonfly Pond Series. “Alene’s legend of “Wings” in this series of “The Legend of Dragonfly Pond” is excellent to read to children or to be self-read, being educational, mysterious, and humorous, suggestive of insects having a soul like we humans. The reader receives a unique composition of nature. The pictures are graphic. The essay will stretch your mind.” ~ Jack and Maxine Harris, Enthusiastic Readers ~ College Professor of Aeronautics, Weber College, Ogden, Utah, and Secretery, Portland School District “I enjoyed this very much and love all the pictures. I loved Wings Learns To See Two Views and Wings Goes Down To New Orleans. It was really educational and descriptive.” ~ Paulette “I was just reading Book One with my 5 year old the other day in the car. She was loving it! She’s a big animal lover, so she likes the pictures of the heron and, of course, the dragonflies.” ~ Nikki Klock, Editor, Vancouver Family Magazine “I love the game!” ~ Avid Reader and Toy Buyer

About the Author

Alene Adele Roy has wanted to write a book series for family reding since her parents subscribed to the Disney comic book series and the Summer Weekly Reader for her and her siblings. That wish came true with The Legend Of Dragonfly Pond educational fantasy series, each with a song, which can be sung to your own tune, appropriate for anyone. Illustrating her work was another dream, since her photojournalism career at a newspaper and work in advertizing layout. Thus, the stories are explained through color photos and drawings, and a game in each book further adds to family fun and time shared together.