Christmas & Easter Poems

by C N Friar



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Language : English
Publication Date : 2/22/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 156
ISBN : 9781434364258

About the Book



 Man's humble nature is  love, belief, trust, happiness, vision, sense of belonging, relationships-family,religion,work,community, positive reflection, motivation and self fulfiment.Our fast world,  is a product of technology,a sign of fulfiling highest need; self-esteem.

Knowledgeable and  complex as man has become, he hasn't  been able  to comprehend/control nature, and probably will never. Typical example of  limitation  remains to be seen in natural catastrophes like the recent hurricanes, cyclones, tsunamis, floods, earthquakes, etc just like in the beginnings of history. These affect everybody to include both the rich and famous.  The nightmare begins when such disasters are man made –September 11 in America’s history is an excellent example. This is because like our weakest link show in UK, the contribution/influence of others helps us achieve certain goals in our life.

 Reading inspirational words in this must have book show a cross section of the stream of life. They are from our past, present relationships,  and internal filters like emotions, intuition, conscious  thought states,- leaving Our footprint. We are on the footprints of our forefathers, and likewise our actions/ omissions are our  legacy to the future generations.

In real life nobody is perfect. What is acceptable in one individual or one generation is not in another. What is perfect in this age group may not be, in another part of the world it may be sheer abomination. Norms are always changing , so we need inspired adaptation .

Discover inspirations  in our  phases of life like Christmas/easter season,  pre-wedding, marriage,  childhood, aging, etc. Strong inspired people are the functional unit  of a strong society,  a better world,  where infinity is created from finite world, limiting belief is a past tense. Therein is sound wisdom, prosperity, spiritual system of peace, joy and natural tranquillity, as all are connected positively to each other, worldwide.

About the Author

The author of these life changing Christian inspirations is the grandchild of the Minister-religion.

This is a title she has never used before however is willing to use it for the sake of the readers to her work.

Other credit to her writing go way back to her teenage and early adult life as well as her childhood.

When growing up, she recalls being a devout Sunday school kid who could never miss Sunday school for anything.

Her Aunt and cousin were Sunday school teachers and as she grew up took to the same role.

Her high School education was in a missionary boarding school run by Nuns

When she finished her studies, she had her professional training at a top Government Hospital. When there, she got very close with Hospital Christian Fellowship and its

activities amongst them being a Sunday school teacher in the children’s wards and being a member of the student’s Christian union and a member of the Christian union choir.  

The Sunday school teaching role was retained until the age of 31.

At the said age she was not only a Sunday school teacher but also was the chairperson of the Hospital Christian Fellowship, the Coastal Provincial Hospital where she worked as one of the Senior Hospital Civil servants.

These are roles she greatly enjoyed and still misses as she migrated to England in early 90’s. This strong spiritual background has helped the author through the ups and downs of settling and adapting to new environment, new people and new values. It is this same great gift of food of the soul that she offers in her inspirational poems.