A Katrina Love Story

by Shirlee Lawrence-Verploegen



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/1/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x8.5
Page Count : 36
ISBN : 9781434332783

About the Book

About the Author

I am, of course, a dog lover.  Portraits of my dogs are showcased in the living room and spread around the house in various stages of their lives.


I recently retired from director of retail for Gaylord Entertainment Company in Nashville, Tennessee.  I now devote a large portion of my time to my dogs or some activity related to them.


I have always enjoyed writing true life short stories and have documented a number of humorous and true manuscripts surrounding my life’s work, leisure and loves.  I now have time to bring some of these to life for others’ enjoyment.


I am planning from the true story of Wiggins a follow up manuscript that will showcase him (like many of his kind) into a dramatic story of the hurricane, the people, the trauma and sadness.  Of course, we have to have a hero, who many times will save the day.  We hope to make a movie just like us old timers used to watch for, i.e., Rin Tin Tin and Lassie.


It would also be fun to bring all my pet stories together for full enjoyment of a life cycle of many joyous, fun and challenging furry creatures, each of whom have their own unique story.


I am married with two children and four grandchildren.  As the grandchildren grew up from young tikes, I would read some of these stories to them as bedtime stories.  It gave them further insight into their lives.


There is no one yet, however, that I have ever met who can live with a dog and see into their souls like I can.  If I don’t know their background, a grandiose one is created.  They are all from royalty descent in my eyes.  All my pets (and they are all rescues) live a life full of comfort, care, training and love.  They are all jewels and have very special stories.


I sometimes use my imagination to embellish the true circumstances to create excitement, importance and personality to a pet’s background, heritage or story.


It adds to the fun of having a pet (with missing lineage) to give it one.  We all love drama and the anticipation of how a story will turn out.


I want to stress, moreover, that Wiggins’ story is 100% true as we have experienced it.