by Poetic Pete



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 10/3/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 192
ISBN : 9781434312914

About the Book

In this book Poetic Pete(tm), AKA Peter Karplus(tm), author of Dancing with Fear, Rejection, Doubt, and Hope, and A Potpourri of Poems, uses free verse, haiku, iambic pentameter, and rhyme and an amazingly sensitive understanding dipped in his own brand of humor as he explores nature and its brilliance, and covers subjects of family and friends, making dedications to those people in his life who have held special meaning to him as well as illuminating the many shades of love and the range of emotions that are its bedfellows. Then, he follows with a selection of religion tenured poems ranging from the obtuse to the obvious. He  goes on to show us a look inward into his life and people's reactions, to his speech impediments and bent body, that he has had to enlighten and change with his lifelong-learned teachings, and amazing understanding. He, then, continues with a selection of assorted poems that range from the comical to the serious aspects of life, followed by a few poems that take a surreal look at the world. Poetic Pete then welcomes us with several of his latest lyrics spanning subjects such as love, heartbreak, and even politics.  And in conclusion, he ends the book with a couple short stories

About the Author

Poetic Pete, a.k.a. Peter Karplus, author of Dancing with Fear, Rejection, Doubt, and Hope, and A Potpourri Of Poems, born and raised in California, has had to live with Cerebral Palsy since birth and suffers from Epilepsy. He finds poetry to be a versatile tool in expressing his thoughts and feelings. Moreover, verse unleashes his quick intelligence, which goes unseen by strangers, because of their first impressions from his slow speech, poor coordination, and bent "book cover" body. Poetic Pete uses his range of personal experiences, knowledge, and understanding to bring a distinctive and perceptive sensitivity -- a  sense of fun -- to his poetry.

He volunteered as a research assistant and guest speaker for Dr. James Daley of the Psychology Department for over twenty years, having given talks on his disabilities each semester.  He was Diablo Valley College’s first published disabled alumnus to be honored in 2003 for his first book, Dancing with Fear, Rejection, Doubt and Hope.  

Dancing with Fear, Rejection, Doubt, and Hope, he wrote from most of his own life experiences, good and bad.  This book could be classified as a poetic autobiography.  If others find themselves in his poetry, he applauds them and hopes they become enriched and enlightened by what they learn from the experience.  
A Potpourri Of Poems, written under a pen name, Poetic Pete, was mostly inspired by family and friends and his thoughts on the 9/11 world change.

In this new book, he expands on his thoughts and feelings from his first book letting us see more of his personal side.