Tumbletick & Company

A Chronicle of Umiat and Kenai

by Elliot Symonds



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 6/26/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 416
ISBN : 9781434315007

About the Book

Tumbletick & Company is a Fantasy tale set in the midst of the warring continents of Umiat and Kenai.


After an atrocity is committed at the Royal Court of Rhyell, Tumbletick finds himself suddenly swept up with warriors, barbarians, thieves and pirates against the forces of the demon worshipping Ahrioch Horde.


The challenge to retrieve the stolen Umiat Stone leads Tumbletick and his companions to the island of Rampart, the gladiatorial trials of the Old City and then on to the dangerous continent of Kenai.


Betrayal, death and adventure grips Tumbletick and all his fellows as they face the harsh realities of a traditional quest.


About the Author

Elliot Symonds is a writer dedicated to the Fantasy genre. Before becoming an author he spent his time writing business reviews and presentations in the beer industry and that has little room for a warrior, called Is-Is, who likes to fight with kukris.


He does however have a Masters in Jacobean and Caroline Drama and it was a passion for those violent and exciting works that led to the writing of Tumbletick & Company.  You may find that there are a few references to those plays woven in between the glorious fight scenes, adventure, intrigue and quaffing of real ale in dingy pubs.