The Wormleys

by Bernice & Andy Tate



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 6/14/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x8.5
Page Count : 20
ISBN : 9781434311450

About the Book

 Wife and husband team, Bernice and Andy Tate, have collaborated on and written The Wormleys. It is a delightful and compelling story for children ages three to five years of age. This very cute story, from a worm family’s point of view, teaches children a very timely life lesson;  to accept each other as being different. The Wormleys, an  original work with a timely universal message that children from all walks of life  can understand in plain, easy-to-read language, with bright, cheerful illustrations. The message? It’s okay to be different, because in reality we are!  Diversity!  Multiculturalism! Peace through understanding!  Help the other person!  Each for all-all for each.

About the Author

 About the Tates

 Bernice and Andy Tate are South Carolina children's book author/illusrators who have made it their life work to ceate meaningful, educational entertainment for chilsdren.

The Tates are best known for their behind-the-scenes work in educational television and children’s theater. Starting in  the 1970’s, they inspired kids with creative works on the small screen and in art galleries, enlightening children with their unique combination of talents.   Upon retiring, the attention of this amazing couple turned to the written word.

The first result of  this new mission was Storybooks-4-KidsTM, an indepedent publishing project, featuring themes of multiculturalism, empowerment, acceptance, bullying and the power of diversity for children.

The goal of the Tates is two fold:

To  place easy-to-read original storybooks, accompanied with bright, cheerful illustrations in the lives of children.

To encourage the development of reading through the magic of storybooks.


The Tates  have been married since 1969. Today, Bernice, a native of Sheldon, South Carolina, and  Andy reside in Bluffton, South Carolina.