Superstitions Are With You

West Indian

by Sabria Harve



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 10/2/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 100
ISBN : 9781425997878

About the Book

WEST  INDIAN  SUPERSTITIONS  ARE  WITH  YOU! is a compilation of West Indian short stories by a young author, who grew up on two West Indian islands and now resident in the United Kingdom.


These stories are intended to remind West Indian children who migrated to England at a tender age; of their experiences on the islands before arrival in the UK. It also serves to enlighten the young British Caribbean population, who would have heard similar tales told by their West Indian parents.


The author recognizes that some communities in the UK have limited knowledge of life in the West Indies and hopes to introduce them to certain aspects of life there.


This compilation contains folk lore, superstitions and mysteries; and is interactive to all readers.


About the Author

Sabria Harve was born on the small West Indian Island of Montserrat. She spent a year there before her mother Frances Harve, decided it was time to move back to her home town in Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica where she could enjoy raising little Sabria, with the support of her huge and loving extended family. During her stay in Dominica, Sabria had been made to visit Montserrat regularly; she treasured her visits there and spoke fondly of it on return to Dominica. This encouraged her mother to settle there, a second time.


The two islands are very different by nature. Montserrat was then very famous for its resources of cotton and Dominica has always been known for its many rivers and unspoilt beauty. Dominica is a very peculiar place and growing up there, especially in one of its many country areas; meant that Sabria was aware of the superstitious folk tales and the secrets lurking there. She enjoyed Montserrat differently because it was less mystical and more friend and school oriented. Her life between these two islands shaped her imagination and inspired her to produce the stories that she shares through her book, ‘WEST INDIAN SUPERSTITIONS ARE WITH YOU!'


Sabria Harve is currently a student at Kingston University, London where she studies as a Student Nurse. Her hopes of one day returning to Montserrat are still alive. Yet, it appears impossible due to the volcanic crisis the country presently suffers.