Better Off Dead: In Paradise

by John Paul Carinci



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 5/8/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 356
ISBN : 9781434306395

About the Book

Better Off Dead In Paradise is the sequel to Better Off Dead, which told the story of Frank Granstino, the life insurance salesman from Brooklyn New York, who got trapped by the Vongemi Family Mob into writing life insurance policies on people who ended up dying mysteriously. Frank was in line to get killed to keep him quiet. The FBI managed to save him in the nick of time whereby he became an FBI witness and placed in the Witness Protection Program. The Mob leaders were sent to prison for life. Obviously, the powerful Mob leaders didn’t take up knitting in prison but continued to rule a ruthless mob world.


Better Off Dead In Paradise takes us to the pristine Cayman islands in the Caribbean, where Frank and Alicia, his girlfriend, a former FBI agent, believe they are safe to live in the Witness Protection Program.


Something goes terribly wrong when Frankie and Alicia’s witness protection location is compromised. The Mob associates are suddenly in the Caymans blowing up cars and shooting at Frank and Alicia. The story takes us through all three Cayman islands, to New York City, and back to the Caymans. All the while, lives are lost, bullets fly, and Frankie and Alicia are on the run for their lives, once again, from the ruthless Vongemi Mob Family.


Dramatic events keep unfolding chapter by chapter, which makes the exciting Better Off Dead In Paradise the page turner book of the decade!


About the Author


John Paul Carinci has been a successful business owner for over 30 years. Currently, he is President of Carinci Insurance Agency Inc., with over 200 brokers. John, is also an author, songwriter, and poet. He is the CEO of Better Off Dead Productions Inc., a movie production company. 


As a writer, some of John’s works include; “The Power Of Being Different,”“Better Off Dead,” “A Second Chance”, “In Exchange Of Life”, “Better Off Dead  In Paradise”, and “Psychic Boy Detective”.


John, is also co-writer of the screenplay: “Better Off Dead,” which was adapted from his first novel, and may be produced as motion picture in the coming months.


John’s self-help book, “The Power Of Being Different”, has just been published, and will also be published in Indonesia and India in the coming months.