Under The Big Sky

What Heaven hath joined together... let no man cut asunder.

by S. Bryan Gonzales



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/29/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 544
ISBN : 9781425965242
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : E-Book
Page Count : 544
ISBN : 9781425965259

About the Book



Somewhere on the edge of a long-forgotten land called the Great Open, two fiercely strong-willed, all-American high school boys come together—forging a relationship hotter than the blazing Eastern Montana summer sun. 


Cash McCollum, a short-tempered, fifth generation rodeo cowboy, finds his simple, black-n’-white world bulldozed over by rich, handsome Travis Hunter, star jock of the football team.  And what begins as a secret liaison between them, eventually stirs up into an impish, and sometimes humorous, whirlwind of gossip—awakening the small, sleepy town of Miles City. 


“…you ‘n Travis seem to be slidin’ into a real comfy corner.”  A corner that Cash’s older brother, Clayton is not okay with.  


As time passes, and the friendship deepens, it’s their extreme popularity that continues to attract a whole lot of unwanted attention—thrusting them from the closet into the middle of local limelight.  From the beginning, the stakes are high with each risking a lot.  Cash cannot lose sight of the rodeo crown title, All-Around Cowboy, at his fingertips; and Travis is dead-set on taking the football team to state championship—gaining the trophy of Most Valuable Player for himself as well. 


Compounding this star-studded drama, these two boys also discover their worlds are COMPLETELY different—with nothing to bind them together but an unbridled attraction and a fierce determination to make the relationship work.  


“We’re comin’ from two different cultures—can’t you see that?  Cash forces Travis to smell the roses.  “You obviously come from money… I don’t.  I never will.”   


It’s Travis’ persistence, however, that keeps them glued together.  “…I can’t live without you, Cash, because it’s you… who makes me a better guy …”


Under the Big Sky unveils a world that many overlook, or refuse to acknowledge.  It is where the human heart beats as strong as ancient echoes of Indian drums along a mighty and untamed Yellowstone River.  Within its pages, you’ll be taken to places never seen before—but yet, seem so familiar.  You’ll be allowed to see the human soul—naked in all its brashness, yet pure and simple—graced with the innocence of honest youth.  Under the Big Sky is a story that undeniably declares that, ‘What Heaven hath joined together… let no man cut asunder’. 


About the Author

About Bryan Gonzales…                              


Bryan is guy with a big, warm heart. 


Born and raised in Montana, he grew up with a strong sense of commitment.  Just as he’s determined to do his best in working and studying, he strives to give 100% toward the relationships in his life.  He believes we should never take people for granted. 


Bryan’s mission, with Under the Big Sky, is to tell the reader the worth of friends.  Bar-none, we need each other—through thick and thin.  In a day and age where people are quick to toss in the dishrag, it’s his desire to challenge that attitude and encourage us to hang in there—especially with those we love.  


There is NOTHING that cannot be worked through—even though it might seem impossible, unlivable at the moment.   Even more important… violence should NEVER be an option. 


Attending Northwestern College in Minneapolis—graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology of Counseling/Ministries, Bryan has come to acknowledge that we are ALL important—that we are not the ‘cheap commodity’ which contemporary culture continually claims. 


Bryan has worked at the University of Louisville as a Program Coordinator for the 1st and 2nd year medical students.  He is currently employed at Indiana State University—coordinating their distance and alternative education programs in a rural area called the Hoosier Uplands.