The Alpha Protocols

by David T. Francis



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 12/12/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 352
ISBN : 9781425959401

About the Book

In December 1980, an alien craft was encountered by US airmen in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk.

In October 2005, a fleet of UFOs were sighted as they flew over the M25 around London.

In March 2006, the Space Shuttle Atlantis encountered an unidentified craft whilst on a routine mission to the International Space Station.  They watched as something was released into the atmosphere, before the craft raced back into space.

All these stories, plus many more, have been covered up by our governments, both here and in the United States

What was delivered to Earth that night could lead to the end of life as we know it.   We now face a threat that is spreading across the world and has taken hold at the highest levels of the UK's government.

The Alpha Protocols is the story as to how the United Kingdom responds to an invasion by an alien species.

Based in Suffolk, the Alpha Team provide the front line response leading the defence of our country.  Working with the Department of Planetary Defence in the United States, the Alpha Team, lead by Dave Hunt and Lucy Tyler, work towards saving the human race.

This is a fight that must remain hidden from the public. 

A fight that cannot be lost. 

A fight for our own survival.

About the Author

David Francis was born in Dover, England in 1975, but has lived in Suffolk since the age of two.  Having worked in the world of IT for over ten years, he has collected a number of certifications over the years, most recently the CISSP security award.  Currently, he is an IT Manager for a software company based in Ipswich, Suffolk.


David has a keen interest in the world of sci-fi, particularly the worlds of Star Wars and Doctor Who.  He regularly watches shows like Threshold and X-Files. 


Away from work and sci-fi, David has a keen interest in a number of sports.  He is an avid supporter of Ipswich Town Football Club, but also participates in sports such as football, running, tennis and cricket.


All of these interests have been used as the inspiration for writing The Alpha Protocols.