Some Say A Lot

by Marilynn Lynne Berry



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 9/28/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 172
ISBN : 9781425956257
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 1
ISBN : 9781467012386

About the Book

This is the story about Franz Hess, a Jewish scientist working at an armaments Research and Development complex in the Ruhr, Germany during World War 11. Franz, an enthusiast of American Swing Bands and himself an accomplished saxophonist, decides to form his own band, which inadvertently saves his life. The Gestapo ‘rounded up’ all scientists to work for the German ‘war machine’ and as Franz was Jewish he was forced to work on fuel systems for the development of V1 and V11 rockets to enable far reaching bombing raids on England. Retaliating, the Allies heavily bombed the Ruhr in 1942 and in the chaos Franz escaped his enforced imprisonment to Switzerland with the help of the French Resistance and Allies, finding himself eventually in America and England. It was known 5th columnists were actively sending information to Germany from somewhere within an American Base in Southern England. The Allies recruited Franz, because of his training and scientific knowledge to route out the spies. He was subsequently given a new identity, authorizing him to investigate under cover of G I Bandsman, Captain Billy Bolton. A good way to investigate was to form a Base swing band to get to know the GI’s, and gain their confidence. The band played at weekly socials, which Franz hoped would trap the spies/5th columnists into making mistakes resulting in their discovery. Unbeknown to Franz, he had recruited musicians who were 5th columnists. Subsequently, a femme fatale romantically obsessed him sufficiently for him to commit a treasonable act, resulting in his arrest, culminating in a ‘hair raising’ escape with terrifying consequences.

About the Author

Marilynn Lynne Berry was brought up in

                        Birmingham, central England and became

                        interested in literature at a very early age.

                        However, Marilynn only started to write

                        seriously 15 years ago, writing poetry and

                        children’s books. More recently she made a

                        conscious decision to write adult novels but

                        stories everyone could understand and


                        Marilynn has a great fascination with World

                        War 11 and the Glenn Miller style of swing

                        music from that era, a period of time which

                        interests not only Marilynn, but many

                        people throughout the world, young and old.


                        Currently, Marilynn lives in Rugby, central

                        England with her family where she

                        continues to write.