Starting Over, Again

by Roland Smith



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 3/9/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 60
ISBN : 9781425978532

About the Book

S.O.A. (Starting Over, Again) is devoted to those who would like to read and apply simple principles on moving on to the next level from a broken relationship. “Our community has a support group that addresses everything when it comes to physical health issues, and staying safe. We can tell you where to get tested, where to apply for housing, how to apply for grants and loans, and most of all where the next major event will take place. While this is all good and needed, there are men walking around hurt and emotionally wounded because of broken relationships.  Because of their sexual orientation they have been disowned and shunned by family members, loved ones and those they considered friends. Some of these men have not trusted the system and sometimes questioned their very thoughts ,emotions and have needed someone to talk to who understood and would not judge them. They’ve been taught to get over it, move on and let it go. However, no one gave them a simple road map or directions on how to move on and get over it.

This simple workbook will offer practical ways and basic solutions on how to move to the next level. Men will be affirmed and validated, and will learn that what they feel is real and to hurt is okay. However, to stay hurt in not. I have chosen based on my experiences direct and candid views, of everyday situations we encounter as human beings in failed relationships  how to handle these situations .

The basic principles of S.O.A. (Starting Over, Again) are not new. However, this upfront, relaxed and very real point of view mixed with everyday humor, and my experiences, gives a slightly different approach to reaching the ultimate goal of Starting Over, Again.

About the Author

Roland Smith is a native of Detroit, who has earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Management while rendering over twenty-five years of customer service to men and women with domestic issues (child support, parenting time and custody issues). After opting for an early retirement, Smith took this experience and formulated sound, everyday practices, coupled with his stylish sense of humor, and approached the seriousness of broken hearts with a candid dose of humor, music and film. He found these remedies consoling in his own struggles with life’s relationships. “I would find myself talking to men and women who felt they could trust me and who had reached out for a sympathetic ear when they were afraid to talk to family, friends, professionals and loved ones, out of fear of serious repercussions.”

Smith can be found often volunteering and advocating for the down-trodden in crisis most any day of the week.

He conducts workshops for various diverse groups and organizations throughout the year when they want a different approach to starting over, again.