The Goddesses

Psychology of Female Power Part II




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Language : English
Publication Date : 2/28/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 544
ISBN : 9781425948849

About the Book

My Work is Glorifying The Female Forces; "The GREAT MOTHERS", and The DIVINITIES "OSUN", "YEMOJA", and "OYA".  This Book Focuses On These "FEMALE FORCES" and Some of Their COUNTERPARTS In OTHER PARTS of The WORLD.

I Choose These "THREE" DIVINITIES because in The Culture of My People, The "FON" of DAHOMEY (Republic of BENIN), and Also The "YORUBA" of NIGERIA, These THREE DIVINITIES Represent The "THREE STAGES In A WOMAN's LIFE"; and because MY WORK is Focused On The "SPIRITUALITY" and The "PSYCHOLOGY of WOMAN". To UNDERSTAND "WOMAN", You Must Understand The "SPIRITUAL FORCES" Behind Them.

In This Book, The SECOND in this Series, I continue not only with These Three DEITIES, but ALSO The Introduction of TWO AFRICAN POWERS that The "FON" and The "YORUBA" People say are, The FEMININE CREATIVE "GOD" FORCE.


About the Author



Iya Afin, AYOBUNMI S. SANGODE is a PRIESTESS in Her Culture

(Traditional African Priestess), The Published Author of “RITES OF PASSAGE / Psychology of Female Power”  

‘A MANUAL For Young African American Women, Medicine Women, Priestess, and More Mature Women Of Spirit’; and Also “THE CULT OF SANGO”.

She is The Artist “SOSI” whose Spiritual and Traditional African Art can be seen in many homes and Shrines from Florida to California, and also in The Traditional “African Village of OYOTUNJI”, in The Sea Islands of South Carolina where she has Exhibited Her Paintings

in Museums, Festivals and Shows with the Artist Group “OMO ISONAS”, meaning the “Worker of The Royal Art”.

She is a 62 year old Mother, Grandmother and Wife of a CHIEF and BABALAWO (A High PRIEST, ORACLE of “IFA”), and as an AFRICAN-AMERICAN, She has had a Unique Experience being able to Practice Her Culture in America for over 37years.      

As a PRIESTESS in Her Culture (Initiated in 1974 to The DEITY “SANGO” in Los Angeles, Ca.) She has been a TEACHER and TRAINER of PRIESTS, with a Masters Degree and Ph.D. in PARA-PSYCHOLOGY (Spiritual Psychology) from the “AFRICAN THEOLOGICAL ARCHMINISTRY” and Now Spends Her Time LECTURING on WOMEN’s SPIRITUALITY, SOCIETIES, and RITES Of PASSAGE;  and Writing and Painting and working on a New Book, The Third in this Series on “The Psychology of Female Power”,  where she resides in North Carolina.