The Investigation




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Language : English
Publication Date : 7/30/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 64
ISBN : 9781425978501

About the Book

                                      ABOUT THE BOOK



This is a true story about a correction officer employed by the department of corrections. This correctionofficer was privy to  the inmates arrest records and their family and financial history. She targeted those inmates with limited financial and family stability. Most of the inmates she chose were classified as mental health clients as well as pregnant upon reception. After perusing each inmate’s folder, she pertinaciously observed and chose her targets. Her perfidious and perverse promises to each inmate were made to sound endearing and encouraging to the inmates, however her true motives unbeknown to the inmate was the sale of the infant. It was said healthy white babies were sold for twenty thousand dollars. Healthy black babies were sold for ten thousand. Unhealthy babies were un-saleable. Those infants were kept by this unscrupulous officer and the cohorts she employed. They used these babies to defraud government agencies which proved quite lucrative. The author was the investigator on this case who had worked two long years gathering evidence and information which would have culminated in incarceration of the culprits in this scheme. However, the author’s boss’ concubine craved attention, money and glory. She viewed this case as one of acclaim and notoriety which caused her to abhor the conductor of the investigation and convinced her pillow partner; if she can’t be the star investigator no one should. He found himself between a rock and a hard place, because he was a married man with much to lose should she decide to turn against him for failing to follow her wishes. He then instructed the author to prepare a memo stating all evidence collected and all materials pertinent to the case were in tact with not one piece missing and hand the case over to him. He alleged he was then submitting the case to the F.B.I..    He then placed the author in a position un-accessible to anyone calling to speak with her. Unfortunately the case was never submitted to the F.B.I.. The author fears the case was shredded as if it had never been in existence. The officer was transferred to a male facility. Said transfer will not stop her operation as some of the male inmates were co-defendants and father’s of those infants. Her operation was quit sophisticated in that: She proctored each inmate regarding information of the birth certificates which included a father’s first and last name as well as an address to which the certificate must be mailed.

About the Author

The author is the middle child of four siblings who grew up motherless and fatherless. She lost her mother at the tender age of six and one half years. This author believes from that time until this she has been receiving divine guidance and direction from the almighty above. She learned by age twelve how to work to keep food in her belly. Her childhood was filled with an abundance of atrocities while bounced from here to there by her father until he finally decided to put her and her sister into a children’s shelter. Eventually she found herself in a foster home at age 14. She was removed   from that home due to an altercation her sister had with the foster parents about washing dishes. They were sent to a second foster home, however the author was discontent for many reasons and decided to set out on her own by age sixteen. She took her sister with her and provided for the both of them until her sister became pregnant and went on welfare. Author left her sister and provided only for herself.

     At age twenty this author gave birth to her own precious gift, a baby boy. The birth of this baby gave rise to her yearn for better employment. From age fourteen to twenty she was employed first with the Waldbaum supermarket. Subsequently transferred to the Rochdale Co-op supermarker where she excelled to head cashier and assistant bookkeeper. Realizing there was no career in the supermarket, she went back to school. Upon earning her GED, she went on to college matriculating toward her B.S degree. She took a leave of absence to accept a position in law enforcement as a D.M.T. with state. Probation. Within a year probation was phased out and she moved on tostate parole. There she excelled in every area possible. Later she went on to become a State Correction Officer. She graduated the Correction academy in late 1978. and worked in a correctional facility until December 18, 1980 when she was promoted to Investigator with the Inspector General’s Office as an internal affairs investigator. From 1980 to 1984 she was assigned to the Special Prosecutor’s office on the 55th floor of two world rade center. At culmination of that case, she returned to the I.G. Office. The author continued to excel in every endeavor and graduated to Senior Investigator. As such she taught new comers how to conduct successful investigations and prepare sound reports. In 1990 she was again promoted to Assistant Director of Operations with duo responsibilities: That of supervising a staff of five investigators, reviewing reports written by investigators in the main Office as well as the secondary office and conducting investigations of sensitive matters as assigned by the Inspector General.

       Unfortunately this author was forced to retire medically at age forty seven. Much earlier than anticipated .    At age fifty three this author chose to continue her passion in the form of writing books about her life experiences.  



 The writer is very passionate about the separation of mother and child. Look for her book titled “Where Is My Mommy”