Heart Broken Soulmate

by Randell W. Barkley



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/21/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 260
ISBN : 9781425987244

About the Book

Heart Broken SoulMate is a true story about one man’s journey from Newark New Jersey to Norfolk VA where he finds the love of his life. However to capture Sonita’s heart, Randell Barkley have to deal with his first wife Toshand Barkley. Through their trials he finally marries Sonita Barkley. They have four beautiful children together, Jehdiah, Josiah, Abijah, and Shereef. They were happy and living the life, until one day he comes home to find that his wife, Sonita and four of their children are DEAD. The shock and aftermath tells a shocking reality of a woman who suffered in silence from POST PARTUM DEPRESSION. Sonita revealed her life in the pages of her diary. Millions of women struggle with Depression, however many cases are miss diagnosed by Doctors. He is taken into custody and, once he finds out what happens, it changes his life forever. You will be captivated and bewildered by the twist and mystery surrounding this catastrophe of a HEART BROKEN SOULMATE.

About the Author

Randell Barkley, aka (M.C.LOVE) is a 36 year old man who grew up in the rough streets of Newark New Jersey. He’s the third oldest child out of 15 siblings. During his childhood his mother, Mardette Barkley taught him about Jehovah God, and his father Khalif Abnathya taught him how to cut hair and survive in the ghetto. He was a quick learner with the skills to adapt to his environment. Rapping in the hood would eventually make him a ghetto star, where he won numerous talent shows and open up for professional artist on the east coast. He went away to Job Corps where he got his Carpentry trade and Diploma. During that time he lost his father, and he became the strength to the family. With 500 songs written along with two books and two movies, he is on a conscience awareness program to up lift the youth and show them that there are other ways to go, out side of the streets. Peer into his world, and embrace his reality and you will discover a peace of him, in all of you.