Alien Opportunities

by Kurt Rellians



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 6/9/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 196
ISBN : 9781425932916

About the Book

The short erotic novel, Alien Opportunities, is an alternative present fantasy about the impact of alien visitors on Earth’s society, culture and economy. It tells the story of Chris who lives on Earth at a time when aliens from an ostensibly peaceful and friendly planet have arrived on Earth and set up companies to trade with us. Chris is unhappy with his nine to five job, and finds out that the alien arrival has created new opportunities for work in alien employment. He finds himself new work, working for the aliens, and comes into contact with their sexual desires.

    The novel is erotic, but is as much a science fiction scenario with a sociological setting. The book is not merely a simple tale of erotic behavior in ordinary scenarios. It seeks to imagine what the alien society of Starmanena, which has very different attitudes towards sex from our own, might be like, and what might happen if it came into contact with ours. Without attempting to be too descriptive of the detail of these two opposing societies, the novel follows the fortunes of Chris, raised in the sexually restricted lifestyle of Earth, as he comes into contact with Starmanenans and goes to work among them. Chris comes to appreciate the aliens, but is unable to overcome various doubts about them. Are the aliens engaged upon a mission to lure the brightest and best among us to a life of slavery or even worse depravity in the stars, as many suspect? Or are the aliens benign? Are they inevitably winning because they offer what Earth society on its own could not give, i.e. sexual liberation, paternal or maternal guidance, and freedom from the commercial imperative.

About the Author

‘Alien Opportunities’ is Kurt Rellians’ first published novel, although he wrote ‘The Life and Times of a Priestess’ previously, which is intended to be published soon. The problem for erotic novels is that most people, even in this ‘enlightened’ age, turn their noses up at erotic literature. They assume that it cannot be serious literature, is unlikely to be realistic, or to tell a good story. How often do most of us actually have a good look at the books on offer in a bookshop on the top shelf. Many of us dare not; it might be embarrassing, other adults or kids might see us and make judgements. Kurt Rellians observed there are many books written which hint at sexual issues, fantasy and dramas, but which shy away from going into the erotic or sexually sensitive territory where the author, or the reader, really wants to go. It still isn’t the done thing in literature, which aims to be published and reach a significant audience. Kurt Rellians decided he wanted to write novels, or shorter stories which were free to go wherever he wished. He wants them to discuss real or fantastical sexual matters in ways which could be serious and erotic at the same time. He wants to break down the divides between popular fiction genres and erotic fiction, and to be able to explore alternative ways of sexual social practice, raising serious social questions or following unconventional thought processes when he chose, without being constrained by the requirement to fit into genres and categories.