The First Scientific Proof of God:

Reveals God's Intelligent Design and a Modern Creation Theory

by George D.Shollenberger



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Language : English
Publication Date : 6/19/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 304
ISBN : 9781425932800
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 304
ISBN : 9781425932817

About the Book



The author claims that the USA and all other nations must change the way people have been living. he need for this change was identified by the proof of God, a proof that the author found in 2005. This proof and related proofs led to the book — The First Scientific Proof of God. Historically, the very first method of proving anything was sought in the early years of the 14th century and when Aristotle’s science was challenged. This search for a proof was really a search for finding truths about God and the universe. This search was fruitful because it led to the Italian Renaissance, ended the backward Middle Ages, and started the modern world. Eventually, this proof was found and, by the 17th century, was named the ‘scientific method.’

However, the very first method of proof divided the fields of science and theology. This division emerged because the very first method of proof could not find truths about God. Thus, theologians were forced to find truths about God only by studying scriptures. Unfortunately, the ‘scientific method’ attracted nonphysical sciences such as psychology, medicine, politics, economy, etc. However, the author concluded that the very first method of proof cannot be used to find truths about God or life. So, the very first method of proof had to be improved if truths are to be found about God, life, and the universe.

The author found the necessary improvements that had to be made to the very first method of proof. With these improvements, truths about God and life can be found. Interestingly, these improvements indicate that the universe is very different from suggestions of the physical scientists today. Thus, the author’s proof of God opens the human mind to a scientific method that would unify God, life, and the universe. Furthermore, solutions to tough human problems such as crime, terrorism, peace, poverty, cancer, arbitrary governments, bipartisan politics, and religions differences will be found with the proof of God.

In his book, the author discusses the past and future of man. He identifies man’s past as a path to Hell. With the path to Hell, he is able to define man’s path to Heaven. He identifies the ways that man can get on, and stay on, the path to Heaven. If mankind decides merely to extend the past into the future, as liberals propose, the author predicts that man’s future life will be a life of wars, poverty, and mental degeneration. He thus shows that the only path to Heaven is a spiritual life supported by a physical infrastructure.

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About the Author

The author was born in Pine Grove, PA on June 26, 1929.  He is a scientist from Johns Hopkins University .  In the field of research and development for over 40 years, his career has been divided almost equally between hard science and soft science.


            His hard science research began in the 1950s in the field of telemetry on the development of Cold War rockets.   After the launch of Sputnik satellite by the Soviet Union,   he worked on the Vanguard rocket, the initial U.S. response to the Sputnik.   In 1960s, he applied telemetry to the Titan rocket on the moon landing project and Gemini, the first manned U.S. spacecraft to orbit the earth by John Glenn. As a national leader in the field of radio telemetry, his development of microelectronics for the field of telemetry caused the US electronics industry to shift from analog into digital technologies. This shift led to the development of the personal computer and many other digital electronic devices.


            His soft science research began in 1970 when he became a  research manager on the crime problem in the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), U.S. Department of Justice, Washington, DC.  He applied high technologies, computers, new forensic sciences, and  new  police management techniques to police work.  He developed the first community policing techniques and developed the bullet-proof vest that all police wear today. His personal study eventually led to a new theory of crime — that all crime originates in the human  mind. After retirement, his research confirmed this crime theory. His continued research was robust leading to his proof of the existence of God and solutions to many human, theological, religious, political, and social problems. The benefit of his two-fold research career is shown in this book.