Possession & Illumination

by Dale Roettgen



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 5/10/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 108
ISBN : 9781425920012

About the Book

            Possession & Illumination is the third book of poetry from Dale R. Roettgen. Weathering the storms of emotion and content of human experience pulsating in his first two collections, Dale, once again, transitions himself and us through the labyrinth and development of this human process of growth, through understanding and awareness both keen and apparent. In a bold shift from his earlier works, Dale breaks convention of his own stanzaed verse, and offers his free-flowing style to an even more hungry audience. His poetry strokes the eyes and the heart with deliberate action and pursuit. In P & I, he takes incredible leaps of Will and Admission, absorbing and building onto the testaments of life around him. His journey into experience and conviction perpetuates the novice observer into a congregating member of the present hours immaculence and wonder. The poems in this book are confessional, determined, venting, philosophical, enraptured, experimental, tributary and, as always, in Dale’s Essentialistic vibrance, congruent with how he attaches to things known, and investigates the unknown regions of himself, and what might be lurking about in existence. As he searches these interests out, he takes the reader along, and even lets them take the wheel on this journey of infinite discovery. So sit back and enjoy; stand up and count yourself in, as you experience more of what is Essential within and without, as this verse helps you vindicate the occasion of your lifetime and:

“Ordain your every dream with Orgasm.”

About the Author

Dale Roettgen, Union Grove, WI, now divulges his third book of poetry, Possession & Illumination, featuring his unprecedented, avant-garde poem “For That Matter.” In these pages Dale touches on an incredible array of subject matter, from the inclusive to the alienating, which he is aware that life is filled with. Still venturing into newer and evermore eclectic regions of understanding people and matter around him, Dale rediscovers neverending scope and depth to write about and discuss. He is propelled within himself to engage the reader in the identical, noble pursuit of awareness of what surrounds them. He is currently organizing more poems for another book, as well as venturing in scripturing a collection of essays.