A Reunion of the Heart

by Mary Carroll



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/22/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 220
ISBN : 9781425983345

About the Book

Welcome to The Victors Series.  You are about to meet some fascinating people and follow them through some of the most challenging journeys of their lives.  Book One, A Reunion Of The Heart, focuses on Emily Peterson and her battle with amnesia.  After a peculiar accident, she awakes to a strange hospital room, with no idea why she is there.  Emily has to endure her over-protective but loving parents, Andrew and Meagan Peters, as well as her handsome and witty local celebrity husband, Nick Peterson.  They are all anxiously determined to help her get her memory back, so they may resume their close family life together.  However, her doctor advises her loved ones to proceed with caution.  Little does Emily know that everyone around her is keeping secrets.  When she begins to realize this, she rises to the occasion in her own way, and takes them all to task. The challenges the family faces while trying to accomplish their goals make for a dramatic, and often humorous, look into the strength and love required to courageously prevail in the face of adversity.  Their struggle will touch and inspire you, and you will make life-long friends with them along the way.  Enjoy the journey, and be sure to catch up with them in the next book of the series!

About the Author

Since childhood, Mary Carroll has written poems, songs, and short stories. A Reunion Of The Heart  is her first forray into book writing.  While her style reads easily in a conversational approach, it captures the attention right away.  The reader will find both wit and drama in a compelling combination that maintains interest from one delightful chapter to the next.  The author is originally from Tennessee, but currently resides in North Carolina, where she lives near family and has made many new friends.  Mary Carroll was diagnosed with Lyme Disease shortly after moving to North Carolina, so she identifies closely with the daily health struggles of her characters.  The author is employed full-time in the local medical community, and always makes time for her love of writing.  When she takes a break from her manuscripts, she enjoys singing, family time, Panthers football, and is an avid fan of stock car racing. She enjoys her local Church and community, and is thrilled to call North Carolina home.