Rebecca De Mornay

by Sir Christopher Stewart



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 3/30/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 320
ISBN : 9781425919801

About the Book

  Soft love poetry, sonnets and ballads, combined with Stunning Photography. This Full Color collection is bound to be an enjoyable addition to your Poetry and Photography collection. Top quality Photo’s of garden flowers as well as the Photo Collection of Rebecca De Mornay’s personal Photographer and boyfriend. And for the first time ever in print, the real truth about their hidden life. Now you will have more to go on than printed lies, "If you are going to be known for all time for something, make sure it is the truth." Written first hand from the only man to ever date Rebecca De Mornay, Hollywood stuntman and actor Christopher Stewart, The Spy That Loved Her, and the truth about his classified life. The War On Drugs Revealed first hand, the imprisonment of Charlie Gotto, and how the Chicago Mob was changed, and the Cartels brought down.
     "If they kill me for this, at least it is printed, I don’t fear death." USMC Force Recon/ CIA/ DEA/ Interpol Officer "Scarlet"  "If I sell even one copy, you will pay me more than the Government did." "The only end to pain is to think of joy and forget it, That is why I write Love poetry."

About the Author

Christopher Stewart is the star of Pentangle and South American Tiger Shark Black Pearls. He is the author of A Knight’s Grotto. He is an actor and stunt man, trained in Ninjitsu martial arts in Japan. He worked in many films including, Predator, Enter The Ninja, Rage of Honor, The Park is mine, and Never say Never again, and the Master TV series. "My Hat is to you my friend Tom Cruise, for making it possible to see my Screen Test in Legend, I am Tic." A complete list of his work is included. "My work in film is hard to see, since I was between 13 and 19 in the roles, I was made to look older." The master Ninja "Hi, I’m the one you never saw!"
He works for the Government, Badged by Interpol in 1978, NYPD Black Homicide 1982, CIA 1976 Hostage Resque, DEA 1978, Internal Security 1984, Presidential Security 1988. USMC Force Recon 1989. His last action was Desert Storm. He received the United Nations Congressional Medal Of Honor 1986, Silver Star 1991, Purple Heart with Cluster 1989, USMC Medal Of Honor 1989. He was Knighted By Queen Elizabeth II 1983 in England, and trained with the SAS. He was Born in NY in 1970. "For those fans that were there, I’m Steven Cooper of the Nightmare band, the Warm up band for Lita Ford Glenfalls NY Dangerous Curves Tour 1989 or 1990 I forget. I fence, Fight SCA Heavy Weapons, Martial arts, Paint, write, and study Geology and Archaeology."