Escaping To The Country

by Cyril Oakley



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/17/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 460
ISBN : 9781425900199

About the Book

During World War Two when the bombing of cities was at it’s height especially in London, Parents were advised to evacuate their children to the country, for their safety and away from the horrors of war.


The Parker family were no exception after a long deliberation finally agreed to evacuate their two children, Simon and Sarah were amongst of the lucky ones, they were boarded with Colonel and Mrs Burgess who were rich land owners and childless, it was a life changing experience for both the Burgess’s and the children.


The house that they lived in was haunted by the Ghost of Sir Thomas De Moyes who befriended young Simon who was a mischievous young rascal, who was up to all sorts of tricks,  Simon and Sarah made friends with local children Jack and Alice Edwards,  the same age as them and had to many adventures together .


Being responsible for the recapture of some escaped prisoners of war, uncovering a fraud at the farm and discovering espionage ring by their ferreting about,

Simon and Sarah having to come to terms at the loss of their parents, who perished? In a bombing raid, and were adopted by the Burgess’s.


After centuries of searching for the Treasure of Sir Thomas De Moyes it was finally uncovered by young Simon with the help of the deceased man.


About the Author

Cyril was born in the east End of London in the year of 1937 where he lived until the out break of the war he was evacuated to the country where he experienced many of the things that are mentioned in the book, at the end of the war he returned to live in London.


Carrying out various jobs and not really settling down at the age of 18  having to serve national service he  signed on as a regular in the Royal Air Force Regiment for a period of five years , which he  thoroughly enjoyed on  his demob he moved to Bedfordshire,  Where he married and brought up a family.


 He spent 26 happy years as the head steward of a University.

During his retirement to keep himself occupied he has written several novels.

However, this is the first one I have submitted for publication.