Knowledge Processing, Creativity and Politics

A Political Theory based on the Evolutionary Theory

by Showan Khurshid



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/21/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 504
ISBN : 9781425907464

About the Book

How is it possible to have political order and peace at all? This is the key question we should consider.

This book, on the bases of biology, psychology and human experience, argues that our salient characteristic is creativity – the capacity to acquire, transmit and apply knowledge. Creativity is a precondition for morality, the best morality, therefore, is what facilitates creativity best. Agreement on morality is what resolves conflicts of interest and leads to the formation of political power and, thus, order. But how is agreement possible? Liberal democracy and ideologies, including religions, evolved to deal with moral disagreement. However, they evolve, develop and operate differently, consequently they shape the world and political history differently. Read on to see how.

About the Author

For Showan, originally from Kirkuk, Kurdistan/Iraq, a Swedish national and residing in Britain, politics has meant more than just something that caused him and his people pain and challenge to test their limits. It also meant a fascinating area where biology, psychology, social circumstances and history needed to make sense. This fascination meant that he was prepared to spend as long as it took to come up with something that is satisfactory to him. It took 23 years. He spent 8 years of this time in academia in Britain, which was made possible by a Swedish loan,(for which he is grateful). During these years he also got himself two beautiful daughters.