THE Evidence Of A Cluttered Mind...

Wrathematics; An Army Of One

by Lawrence Q? MarkX



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 7/11/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 484
ISBN : 9781425902841

About the Book

THE Evidence of a Cluttered Mind...Wrathematics; An Army Of One expresses the thoughts of a young intellect, perhaps too wise for his own good, about his views on the perverted and messed up world we live in.  Through the use of acrostics, the author finds ways to bring a single thought to life by means of keen metaphoric word play and deep emotion that really capture the inner thoughts within each piece.  Emphasizing on the idiosyncrasies of life, MarkX puts forth his own flaws, which allow the reader to take a ride down the road of life lessons.

Topics include: political commentary, love letters, religious debate, the self, life philosophies, dropping catch phrases, and much more.  What do you expect from a Cluttered Mind?

Oh Yeah!  By the way, if by some chance you find this book in the humor section of the bookstore, make sure to take it and smack the bookstore manager across the head, because this book is no laughing matter.



About the Author

Q? MarkX, born December 20th, 1980, in Miami (Little America), Florida, is the archetype artist-philosopher for the 21st century and beyond. As colorful outside as in (both literally and figuratively speaking), this poet of the ages began his stellar trajectory at the Temple Beth Moshe Pre-School, excelling especially in the “Bim-Bum, Bim-Biddy-Bum" song. This success was followed by the early recognition of Lawrence's literary talents. Being entered into the gifted program in Kindergarten, advanced studies in Foreign Languages (grades 3-5) were followed by computers (grades 6-8) and then high-school dolphin research at MAST Academy, a nationally recognized Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. Only two and a half years later, with a glutinous I.O.U. to the Feds, this prodigy wrote his first book and had completed a university degree in Psychology--the lessons from which he immediately put into practice, at only twenty years of age. Evidence of a Cluttered Mind, his trademarked method of psycho-post modernist analysis, is the self-built foundation upon which MarkX had built his acrostic castle of politically charged free-thoughts, which at times just happens to rhyme. Five volumes of infinite wisdom... Rich with life, rhythmic like quartz-crystal electro-clocks, reminiscent of the holy "Bim-Biddy-Bum," and coming soon to a book-store near you, Lawrence Q? MarkX shows us a way-out way around, a way round back to ourselves.