An exclusive document containing enchanting Tales from the Argus’ Tremendous Tapestry

by G.M.W. Cords



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/20/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 412
ISBN : 9781425903916

About the Book

Caution to Readers:


This document contains secret episodes that are not suitable to be read by the average person.  It is not recommended for anyone who can’t bear baffling or batty situations, nor for anyone who shrinks away from unearthly or mind-boggling phenomena nor, above-all, for anyone who loathes the expression ‘over the top’.


If you are not just anyone, then by all means take a peek inside.  But be prepared – once you’ve started, there’s no stopping.

Fantastic events are intermingled with everyday concerns in the unravelling of Secrets of Dworl.



A peek at the plot:


Yulan certainly wasn’t afraid of black, furry creepy crawlies or other scary beasts, so she appeared to be the perfect candidate – or so Goad thought when he began his quest of introducing her to Dworl.  But had he possibly underestimated the effect of headless creatures and weird tales on the young and unexpecting?


Certainly when Nod, Tom and Deh join Yulan on her journey into Dworl, it seems a hair-raising place to be.  Then why does it attract them so much?  And why does Dworl try so hard to entice them into its embrace?  What does it all have to do with their own lives?  Only by throwing themselves in at the deep end will they have any hope of ever finding out.

About the Author

G.M.W. Cords graduated from Exeter University in 1985 and has been teaching English to children in Italy for over fifteen years.  She now lives in Rome with her husband, five children, a dog, two rabbits, two hamsters and goldfish!  Her wholehearted contact with children has inspired her to write this treasure trove of mystery, humour and magic for all children between the ages of 9 and 99.