The Tipton Chronicles

by Heather P. F. Sidwell



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/20/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 264
ISBN : 9781420881677

About the Book

            Deep within the silence and darkness of a distant star system, lies the dying planet of Tipton. Struck by a meteor and knocked out of it’s natural rotation, it’s inhabitants face certain extinction unless desperate measures are taken to ensure the survival of the race… but is the extinction of the race the only foe to be faced?


Avon Tybriss, an extraordinary man of dedicated courage, principles and strength, from an alien planet and a race with no future…a man with a painful past who has been assigned an impossible task.


Cambridge and Camarie Thomas, identical twins who, upon the surface and for all their differences, look to be the picture perfect image of typical adolescents but in truth, do their best to hide their unique and sometimes troublesome abilities from the world.


Federal Agent, Matthew Turner, a man with a secret and entirely too much charm.


These four, unusual individuals, find themselves thrown together, against impossible odds, to defeat a formidable and unidentifiable foe. Will they be able to trust each other beneath the banner of a precarious truce, built upon the very basic, fundamental instincts of survival? In the end, should they fail, it might very well mean the destruction of the civilization on both planets.

About the Author

            Heather Sidwell has been an avid reader for many years, has enjoyed a wide range of books from classics such as “Little Women and Shakespeare” to romance and fantasy novels…”Harry Potter, A Rose in Winter” and etc.

As a poet and musical composer, Heather Sidwell always longed to write books that could encompass bits and pieces of all she had experienced and perhaps share a brief moment with some of the greats.

Born and raised in the rugged and rocky mountains of the great Mid-West, Heather Sidwell has been surrounded by a feast of visual literature which has not gone by the wayside of blooming creativity and speaking as one reader to another…Heather dearly hopes you enjoy “The Tipton Chronicles” as much as she enjoyed writing it.