Headlights Dead Ahead, Tornado Warnings, A Swift Kick in the Head and Other Subtle Ways God Gets My Attention!

Memoirs of a Reluctant Christian

by Carol Baird



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/15/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 136
ISBN : 9781434316585

About the Book

My wish is that as you read this collection of real life experiences, you will feel as though you have unexpectedly run into a trusted, long lost friend who confided in you and shared some incredible personal moments.  I hope this book will bring you comfort, a few chuckles, some inspiration or possibly all of these.  



“Carol Baird has discovered the real secret... that there is no secret. God's messages are there for the taking - we just have to pay attention long enough to see them. A Swift Kick to get that attention is what this book delivers, in a heartwarming and human way.”

- Linda Gerber, Author Now and Zen, The Finnish Line, Death by Bikini(2008), Puffin



 “I had an opportunity to read the chapter and I thought it was great.  I felt like it really captured everything that happened that day in Columbus…”

- Adam Taliaferro, former Penn State football player



 “Inspiring and uplifting, … a true testament to the power of prayer… stories that are both entertaining and enlightening.  My favorite is “Surprisingly Spiritual Speaker”, the beautiful Violet Moon story… please enjoy Carol’s spiritual and compassionate stories, keep them near by because when you read them, you will know, that everything is going to be alright.”  

- Rattlesnake Annie, Country-Blues guitarist, singer, songwriter



“This little book is a blessed reminder of how the Holy Spirit is connecting us and guiding us in so many ways throughout our lives.”

- Ruth Gilmore Ingulsrud,  Author Kidsermons



“I appreciate your willingness to include the story of “Violet Moon” and how God can work in mysterious ways.  Thank you for undertaking this book as a labor of love."

- Justice Evelyn Lundberg Stratton, Supreme Court of Ohio

About the Author

Carol Baird      

was born in rural western Ohio in Darke County.  (Where Annie Oakley was also born and raised.)  She has a  Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from The Ohio State University.  Work experiences for Carol have included production supervision, tooling engineering, purchasing, contract negotiation, supplier management, inventory control, and many other areas of responsibility.  Her employers have varied from an American Fortune 500 company to the first U.S. manufacturing facility of a large Japanese corporation.


Carol has been married to a wonderful, patient husband of twenty-five years and they have three amazing children (currently one is in college, one is in high school, one is in middle school).  Her family has lived near Tokyo, Japan on two different occasions with her husband’s job (October 1994 to April 1997 and February 2005 to June 2007).  The first time they moved to Japan they had two preschoolers who attended Japanese yochien (preschool) and Japanese shogakko (elementary).  The second time, they took one high school, one middle school and one elementary school student to an English speaking international school.  Carol was very busy both times with the many daily tasks of Japanese life, great sight seeing (often enjoyed acting as a tour guide for visiting family and friends), shopping (favorites are flea markets and antique shops) as well as various part time jobs (consulting, teaching, speaking and writing).


At present, Carol greatly enjoys training, speaking and writing about many experiences and passions in her life.  She has spoken nationally and internationally on a wide variety of topics including gender differences in communication and negotiation, leaving your comfort zone, ethics of procurement, ergonomics, sexually transmitted disease education (for students, parents, teachers, youth leaders), violence in the workplace, sexual harassment, and will talk about almost anything she feels is important.