Hope Haven

by M. Laurel Walsh



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/3/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 272
ISBN : 9781420880649

About the Book

On the anniversary of her family’s death, Terry Allen unwittingly discovers a dead body.  From all appearances, a beautiful accountant named Rachel Quinn has taken her own life at Hope Haven, the renovated mansion that Terry’s husband Arthur was helping construct when he died.  Terry’s grade school nemesis, Ed, is the responding officer.  Seeing the body, so at peace in death except for the flies that danced on her unblemished face, hits Terry hard.  The event stirs conflicting feelings in her; oddly enough one of them is resentment.  The suicide note read, “It’s all too hard.”  

            This unhappy event shakes Terry out of her slump.  She realizes that it is time to merge back onto the highway of life.  She decides to look for work.  Her reinvestment has a price.  Will it be too high to pay?  Her neighbor at Hope Haven watches Terry’s every move.  Lloyd’s constant cleaning borders on obsessive as he polishes until the back stairs glow, the hall floor gleams.  Whenever Terry opens the front door of the building, he is always right there.  Is Lloyd a good neighbor or a ticking time bomb?   


         In the days following the suicide, a woman had been appearing in the side yard and looking up at Rachel Quinn’s window.  Her expression is filled with sadness and her eyes search Hope Haven for an answer.  Following the coroner’s report, the police start to investigate Rachel Quinn’s death as a possible homicide.  Terry feels the need to question the stranger who cries and watches the window above.  Terry confronts her to find that Alice had been a customer of the dead accountant. Following this discussion, Terry gets a frightening call, “You are not safe.”

             There are questions that should go unanswered and desires unpursued.  Hope Haven was created to provide sanctuary for mentally ill and fragile people.  Can such a beautiful place also harbor something much darker?  As the mystery surrounding Rachel Quinn’s untimely death grows, some of Hope Haven’s secrets are exposed to light.

 Sleepy little Watertown, Minnesota takes on a sinister countenance. Familiar places move from sunshine to shadow.  Attempting to maintain her newfound optimism, Terry begins a new job with an attractive boss.  Walking home from a work meeting, she feels she’s being followed.  Something is lurking in the shadows of Terry’s life, waiting to emerge and consume her. When Terry’s fingerprints are discovered on the wine glass in Rachel’s apartment, Ed hauls her in for questioning.  The glass also contains a sleeping potion.  All evidence points to a murder and all fingers are pointing at Terry.     

About the Author

M. Laurel Walsh is the editor and publisher of Double Dare Press magazine, an online international literature and art forum.  In her varied careers, she has worked in a medical processing plant, cleaned houses professionally, and was a waitress for sixteen years.  She currently teaches writing at Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, Minnesota.