Truth at Last

Why Black Folks were Punished and Placed in America for 400 Years

by brother ahjamal



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Language : English
Publication Date : 6/23/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 312
ISBN : 9781420852417

About the Book

Well folks, we have less than 10 years to go before the fulfillment of Genesis 15: 13, 14.... That's right folks, Black folks were punished and placed in America for 400. because they broke God's 10 Commandments while living in Africa... The Old Testament is the TRUE, Pure history of 'so-called 'Black folks'.... "Truth At Last' takes you on the journey that 'Black folks' took from the Garden of Eden, to the shores of America and All other lands where they were scattered....Get your copy now, because you may have to alter your thinking and make a lot of important decisions about your beliefs, your teachings and your value system.... Most of the history written and taught in America was written in such a way, that African people were thoroughly emasculated, and taught that they are and were, not more than the dredges of civilization. Truth at Last brings to light, the true fact, that in spite of enslavement since 1619, the African American people are the people of the 'first creation, and are descendants of rulers, kings and queens of antiquity. —Truth at Last is an exciting revelation that explains why ''Black folks'' were punished and placed in America for 400 years. —Truth at Last is a chronological biblical report, of the behavior of black folks while living in Africa that led to the creation of a ''new people'' (white folks) — —Truth at Last is a tragic report and informative account of why African-Americans suffer and face such overwhelming odds at every turn of the way. —This thought provoking book will re-shape the way you think today, and prepare you for the ''open and coming'' destruction that''s coming in the land. -Truth at Last is —a ''must'' book for all mankind... —

About the Author

The writer is a seasoned musician, counselor and author who has developed a “Human Betterment” program that has helped scores of people improve their lives.  He believes that human development  is a natural process, and will unfold perfectly once natural order has been restored. The writer served six years in the Military..  During his 35 years in Corporate America, he took study courses from various Colleges & Universities to enhance his learning. Born in Penna, he was raised by an African Hebrew woman who kept the 7th day Sabbath, and all other Hebrew holidays.  Little did the writer know that his life was ordained to do a greater work..Very early in life the writer was stricken with the discomfort  of ‘injustice’of the African America people who were greatly afflicted in a strange land.. He began his investigation of this dilemma by studying most religions and  world histories searching for the truth.

The writer was not satisfied with the report that a band of bad people went to Africa, stole a whole people, drained Africa of it’s natural civilization, brought the African  people to a strange land and sold them for slaves..He had to find out 'why'.

Well after years of this intense search and investigation with no satisfactory true results, the writer turned this travail over to the Higher Power through prayer and meditation.  In 1971 he received the unfoldment of  a revelation and ‘Truth at Last’ was born.  The writers first attempt to document this revelation was in 1973 with a 100 page first edition.  Since that time the writer has expanded Truth at Last almost three-fold.  The writers other works include: another book titled ‘Why Me’—Why things happen to you and you don’t know why’’…He has written over 200 poems and composed over 150 songs.