by Denise L. Tressler and Illustrator Janice Govin



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 12/10/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 56
ISBN : 9781420808780

About the Book

When a little boy named Scotty becomes curious about bad guys, he looks to his mother for the answers to his questions.  His loving mother openly and honestly explains the dangers of child predators to her son.  Who, what, where and why pertaining to child safety unfold as they hold their conversation.  The text is simple talk for difficult topics such as strangers, “no touching places”, what to do if approached, and who to turn to for assistance if a child is found in any of these situations. The colorful illustrations help to bring visual comprehension of the perils of these encounters across to young readers.

For the parents: The author created this work to be used as a tool to aid you when discussing child safety

                           awareness with your children. 

About the Author

Denise L. Tressler resides in the pleasant community of Montpelier, Ohio, and is employed in an automotive facility in Lyons, Ohio.   Business Management was her major at Northwest State Community College. Her interests include her children, painting, writing and attempting gardening. She is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her first grandchild in January of 2005. Inspiration for this work came when she viewed Dr. Phil. (2002). Child Predators.


Janice Govin is also a resident of Montpelier, Ohio. She is currently an assistant supervisor at a pharmaceutical company in Bryan, Ohio, and also sells her artwork on the weekends.  Art was her major at the University of Toledo.  This artist enjoys global traveling, photography, reading, and bowling with friends.


This author always possessed an interest in storytelling.  During her fourth year in elementary school, the teachers allowed her to spend her recess time entertaining the kindergarten classes with her stories.  Throughout her life, she creatively amused her children and many other children while providing childcare in her home.  She has the unique ability of being capable of reaching children on their level.


She was alarmed while viewing Dr. Phil. (2002). Child Predators. The hair on the back of her neck rose as she gasped while watching the children being led to the vehicle by a staff member posing as a possible child predator.  She felt disturbed and compelled to do something after watching their willingness to accompany him to the car, and once inside, by the calm displayed by these innocent children while sitting quietly awaiting what could have been a horrific fate.  The show clearly defined that children know not to talk to strangers, however don’t comprehend what a stranger actually is. Also noticeable during the program, was that some parents don’t know how to open up the discussion of predators with their children. Inspired by this show, she immediately began to create a book that would educate children on the topic of child predators.  She is aware of intimidation tactics inflicted upon children by a predator and understands the fears, guilt, and confusion experienced by the child victims, drawing from her childhood experiences of having been a victim. 


She enlisted the artistic talents of her longtime friend, Janice Govin. Ms. Govin’s creations bring the story to life. Together, they created this book to be used as a tool by any parent, educator, or caregiver. Their collaborative goals are to provide child predator safety awareness to children, to encourage readers who are presently being abused or molested to tell another adult about their experiences with child offenders, and to help raise funds for Sarah’s House, a victim’s assistance facility.