Guidance from God

by Rajeenah Balkman-Rajahn



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 3/28/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 68
ISBN : 9781425986834

About the Book

While always interested in writing and poetry, Ummi had a need to understand her youngest son and all this new generation. Her interest pushed what she wrote in a new direction as she searched for understanding and a way to help bridge what her generation had to offer to this new generation. Ummi says: “ It was my strong urge and my youngest son, as well as the need to understand and aid, that results in my poetry having the tone and beat of todays rap songs. I often asked Daron, what is your generation thinking about? What is it that you all need to help you soar like you’re meant to? For the longest time I just couldn’t understand. Now when I write it comes through, seemingly, as messages that are given to me. I truly believe that the death of Daron, at age 19, has a lot to do with my poetry. They are messages that I need to share with the world. My poetry is based on World events.”

About the Author

Being a young mother, Ummi realized her responsibility to the well-being of her family and the community they inhabited. It was because of this that she was led to be a community activist and business owner of three small mom and pop stores during her children’s formative years. This encouraged her children, also at a young age, to be active in their community.

In college, Ummi majored in elementary education and sociology. She has worked in these two fields for almost two decades. She is currently employed as a supervisor in an inner-city County Welfare agency.

Ummi is a mother of three and grandmother of six. There is an eight year difference between the two youngest children, and being such, she realized that in that small amount of time, children had changed drastically. Having grew up in the fifties and sixties, her generation was fighting for and reaping civil rights benefits. Her two oldest children had a certain determination in them to conquer and achieve the things that African-Americans were still fighting and striving for. Her youngest child, being from the seventies generation was a new breed with different ideas and challenges, their demands took on a new shape and a new life.