Many Faces of Paul Christy

by Paul Christy



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/4/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 380
ISBN : 9781418491772

About the Book

This book contains cons, scams, and sex.  Christy explains how he hustled and goes into depth on how he did it.

Have you ever been embarrassed?  I’ll bet Christy will top you here.  Christy has the ability to laugh at himself and have you laughing with him.  He will really have you laughing about his most embarrassing situations.

Christy used to be a real stud in his day.  Read and see why.

This book is very education and entertaining.  Highly recommended.  The truth about a very interesting man.

This book exposes the truth about one man’s life in the wrestling business and other adventures.  Get to know the real Paul Christy.

About the Author

Hollywood has a rep. for being a wild and exciting place.  According to Christy it is tame compared to the wrestling business when it comes to sex.  If a wanted to be a player which many were, there is no comparison to the excitement and wild sex of a pro wrestler.  Christy goes behind closed doors and exposes this life style and many other things.

Christy exposes the part of his life when he used to hustle at cards and shows you how to do it so you won’t get conned.  Christy also explains how he used to talk people out of $10.00, another con.  He also shows you how to do this.  Finally, the truth is out.