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Language : English
Publication Date : 8/30/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 228
ISBN : 9781418425630

About the Book

International relations of specific African countries have been grotesquely overlooked under the pretext of information insufficiency. But Africa is a visceral part of the international community and failure to efficiently represent it in the 21st century international relations is quite an annihilation scourge. This is so because Africa presents opportunities and challenges in this world of globalization.

In the international relations of Ethiopia, Peter Both examines the ancient and contemporary international relations of Ethiopia from a unique perspective. A perspective that combines the cultural context, social work and international relations in order to effectively analyse the impact of interstate relations from macro to micro levels of the Ethiopian society. In so doing he proposes a foreign policy course which addresses various aspects of Ethiopian foreign relations. He proposes unilateral and multilateral courses of action to resolve the pressing issue of the Nile politics, increased involvement in the conflict resolution regime in the continent and the search for inter-African economic regime as opposed to reliance on Lome Conventions, GATT talks and WTO, which basically do nothing for African. If those institutions did provide any thing for Africa, the west would prefer hibernation to engagement.  It is a transparent poppycock, which requires no rocket science.

Peter also proposes that colonial boundaries in African need to be revised in order to avoid civil conflicts. Colonial boundaries top the list of major causes of death and civil wars in Africa. If the boundaries are left as they are due to African leadership paranoia, peace in Africa would remain a machiavellian hallucination.

About the Author

Peter Both is a social worker and has practised with refugees both in Ethiopia, Canada and India. He has involved not only in the community development with refugee communities in those respective countries, but he also involved in the durable solutions-namely resettlement programme –for refugees in India. His current research interests included: democratization, African politics and government, politics in the horn of African, refugees, social justice, human rights and humanitarian affairs.

Peter Both is the author of South Sudan: Forgotten Tragedy (2003). The book is an advocate for the downtrodden population of Southern Sudan.