Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 3/16/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 504
ISBN : 9781418411763

About the Book

Barely seventeen, Eileen O''Malley flees the poverty of Ireland for the New World, carrying a secret that would haunt her for many years. Landing at Ellis Island in 1899 with her meager possessions in a small wicker case, and nearly three months pregnant, she knows the two gold coins sewn to her undergarments, will not take her far.

Alone and destitute, she is prey to the behavior of an unscrupulous Immigration officer, and quickly sold into servitude as a lowly domestic to a wealthy mercantile owner.

Be it the luck of the Irish, or her stunning beauty, Fate has other plans for Eileen who has the uncanny ability to read tea leaves. She finds herself living a life they never foretold.

Fiercely protective of her background, she must raise her gifted and beautiful daughter, Kathleen, with lies and deceit that could someday turn against her.

As Kathleen''s career soars, she becomes the symbol of the times. Then she must deal not only with the adoration of her many fans, and those vying for her hand, but with her own unanswered questions.

About the Author

During World War II, she moved to California with her family from Akron, Ohio when she was in her early teens and met her future husband in high school.  Married for fifty-three years, they had two children and three grandchildren.

Starting late in life, she began writing after the birth of her great-granddaughter.  Inspired always by the flexibility of rhyme, short stories emerged, full of clouds, trees and animals, even a sow bug.

Feeling a little more relaxed with the writing process, she undertook writing a novel, The Captive Committee.  It was published through 1st Books in 2000.

Tea Leaves is her third book.