Kissed By Eve

by Jerry Baird



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 4/16/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 416
ISBN : 9781418423711

About the Book

In the memory of man, there have been two catastrophes so great that their occurrence are written into folklore around the world, even in the most remote regions: They were the fall of Atlantis and the biblical flood in Noah's time.

These events were so momentous and so destructive that all then-known knowledge and technology (which some people believe surpassed anything we have today) were destroyed.  The world can only wonder what preceded the Global Dark Age that descended upon mortals and their gods, and from which man was left to begin again with only his acquired life skills, his memories, and his God. Ancient writings describe it as a time when there was a great population explosion and a time when spirit beings took the women of earth as their wives. This is the story of three families that lived at that point in history and experienced those events; the mischief of the ancient gods Poseidon, Volcan, and Zeus; and the woman who was destined to change history.

About the Author

Jerry Baird earned a BS degree in Business Administration at California State University at Long Beach, and an AA degree in Business Administration at Long Beach Community College.  While in college, she took a writing course and her love for writing was launched. 

She has written, produced and performed plays. In addition, she had an essay published in the Spanish-Portuguese Department publication El Alba at CSUB, and she won a special award for poetry that was published in The American Collegiate Poets -  Fall Concours 1983.  She also wrote, directed, produced and edited TV programs for several years at DATV, Channel 22, in Dayton, Ohio.

Jerry now pursues writing full time.