What the Bible Says About the Collapse of the Universe: Book II

The Doctrine of Third Wave Christianity

by Stanley Lotegeluaki



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Language : English
Publication Date : 2/5/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 664
ISBN : 9781414042770
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : E-Book
Page Count : 664
ISBN : 9781414042794

About the Book

This book is a sequel to my first book “ What the Bible says about the collapse of the universe, Life before the big bang. And the 200 billion year history of Christianity- the invisible war.” This book “ The doctrine of THIRD WAVE CHRISTIANITY” is really a distillation of the first book. The core of what the Lord revealed to me. It is composed of small booklets- Jesus, Satan, The Beast, The Lake of fire, and older booklets from the first book. The Catholic’s were the first wave and they discomfited Satan, The Protestants were the Second wave and they swarmed Satan’s camp and now are the Third wave Christians, space age Christians who believe in the collapse of the universe and Life before the big bang who will over run Satan’s camp and completely wipe them out. The book is designed for Christians who are also scientists and see no problem with the Bible and its compatibility with science. It gives information about the collapse of the universe, but with new material about the Beast , Satan ,Jesus , Africa’s unification and the founding history of all the nations . Third wave Christians are not to go out and make new Churches but they are people who ate “ the refreshing” new information that we missed in the Bible, space age information. This book proves that Christianity is superior to Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism , Communism, and those who make science into a religion. Because the Bible says the universe will collapse and Science says the universe will collapse that’s proof the Bible is Truth and that God exists. Logicians and Christians who are Scientists can use this book to prove that the Bible is True therefore God exists.

About the Author

It all started one day in the 1920’s when my grandfather Akui Mella a pagan masai went outside to work in his coffee field. As he was tilling the ground with a handheld hoe, he said an Angel in white ,bright as lightening appeared beside him.

The Angel called to my grandfather Mella and said “Lotegeluaki !, Lotegeluaki!, Lotegeluaki!” three times. “Lotegeluaki” means the chosen one in Masai . The next day as he worked in the cornfield plot behind the “boma” Satan appeared to him in a whirlwind. My grandfather  said he threw a clog of dirt at the presence and it flew down into the low valley behind my grandfathers plot of land.

So my grandfather a pagan masai changed his name to “Lotegeluaki” and became a Christian. That’s how our clan became Christian. No missionary ever came and converted us, but an Angel from God did .

Well what was Lotegeluaki chosen for? He never found out , but the third generation of his first born was chosen to play a part in the Invisible War serving Jesus against Satan. I will not tell you what really happened in my life, it’s a secret that I will keep until Jesus comes back in my lifetime. At least I hope to keep it a secret.

But this book is the product of many years  of walking with Jesus and being attacked by Satan and his forces. The book is about the history of Christianity from before the big bang to after the collapse of this universe and beyond- a 200 billion year history of Christianity as Jesus through the Holy Spirit revealed it to me. And I intend to feed my Mom, Mother Church with it. So please read and enjoy the “ refreshing” – food for weary Mother Church in the political sea.