Science, the Universe and God

The Search for Truth

by Keith Mayes



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 12/29/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 308
ISBN : 9781414007380

About the Book

Have you ever tried to imagine how it would be if the Universe were infinite in size?

Have you ever wondered how an electron can be in two places at the same time and travel backwards and forwards through time?

Ever puzzled over exactly what it is that time could be?  How long is ‘now’ and where does it go to once it has passed?

Ever wondered if it is possible to construct a time machine, and what the consequences of time travel would be?

Why is it that we cannot travel faster than the speed of light?  Do the laws of mathematics work the same across the entire Universe?

Did we really go to the Moon?  What are UFO’s?  Is there extraterrestrial life?

Does God exist?  Why are we here?  How was the Universe created?  Is there life after death?

There are many questions, and they can be neatly summed up simply by asking ‘What is the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything’.

Keith Mayes has spent a lifetime wondering about such things and has developed a style of explaining even the most complex subjects in an easy and entertaining manner in this interesting and thought provoking book.

About the Author

Keith Mayes has been a dedicated amateur astronomer for the past 45 years and it is his fascination with the distant stars and galaxies that has led him to the study of cosmology and physics.

His long search for knowledge began with a very simple question many years ago - what are the stars made of? Thus began a lifelong study of particle physics, quantum mechanics, relativity, the properties of time, super luminal speed and basic physics.

Keith has been involved with numerous astronomical societies over the years and given many talks on astronomy and cosmology, and presented a number of slide shows of his astronomical photographs.

Keith has developed the ability to make even the most complex subjects easily understandable.