Pumpkn's Secret

by D. L. Stenger



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 10/9/2006

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 44
ISBN : 9781425950552

About the Book

Today, Dana is dedicating her life to raising children's self esteem awareness by sharing her real life story of growing up a KDV (Kid of Domestic Violence) . Her mission is to give a “beacon of hope” to all of you so that there’s no fear and no doubt of succeeding in life no matter what kind of circumstances you are living in. Remember to keep moving, focus on what you want to achieve, and be willing to go the distance no matter how far. After all you’ve been through, what can’t you do?

No Fear.

Dana L. Stenger
Founder & CEO
The Pumpk'n Patch Foundation, Inc.

About the Author

I was very aware of the abuse I had survived and was determined to make sure that I "broke the cycle" when it came to my son.  I , as well as his father have gone out of our way to make sure he never experienced domestic violence--and he hasn't. One day he said to me; "I don't know how you could ever live like that, mom." That was my proof that he had no idea, even though he has heard me speak of my pain, what domestic violence actually was. I had done my job. I had broken the cycle. He hadn't experienced it first hand. In spite of it all, he has become a fine young man that I am so proud of. The bottom line is that you have to keep moving...that is the key...keep moving forward whether you want to or not...that's the only way to make it.