Dr. Eva Fleischner, a Pioneer Catholic Theologian Whose Search Led Her To Leadership in the Ongoing Process of Ending Catholic-Christian Anti-Judaism

by Herbert S. Heavenrich



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Language : English
Publication Date : 10/17/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 168
ISBN : 9781410772275

About the Book

Dr. Eva Fleischner, Ph.D. became a  world-class theologian after undergoing dramatic and traumatic turning points in her life.  After a happy childhood in Vienna, and raised as a Catholic, life turned bitter as they fled from the Nazis because her father was born a Jew.

After an English boarding school, she joined her family in the U.S. Eva graduated from Radcliffe College magna cum laude.  She fell in love with an M.I.T. grad student to whom she was engaged for 3 happy years.  On a Fulbright in Paris she encountered “the new Church.”  When her fiancé arrived, she told him she could not marry; her life would be devoted to “God.”

She found her spiritual home at Grailville, a lay Catholic women’s apostolic movement.  At Marquette University, her Ph.D. dissertation became the foundation of her main mission in life.  Eva became increasingly active and worldly prominent as a Holocaust scholar, lecturer, writer and member of important Boards and Commissions aimed at changes in Catholic teachings that had demonized the Jews for 19 centuries.

The book Chronicles the exponential growth of serious Catholic/Christian-Jewish dialogue since World War II, and relates this trend to global historic changes, the ingredients of mankind’s continuing evolution.

About the Author

A veteran of WWII, Heavenrich encountered the early story of his subject while writing the draft of a book, The Prefabrication of Houses, at M.I.T. in the late 40’s.

The Author has had successful careers in business, academe and government.  As Milwaukee’s Director of City Planning, he was asked to write the first example of A Comprehensive Plan for Large Cities, published by ASPO, and sent to all large cities by HUD in 1974.

He holds a BSE. From Univ. of Michigan and an MBA from Univ. of Chicago, both with high honors.  Doctoral work was done at U-W Milwaukee, in Urban and Economic Geography and General Systems Theory.  As a member of the Reformed Jewish sect, it was Eva’s revelation to him of the major causes of anti-Semitism that inspired him to write about their friend, Eva.