Fast Cycle Production

The Manufacturing Philosophy That Always Works

by Tom Clason



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Language : English
Publication Date : 1/1/0001

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 320
ISBN : 9781410748652

About the Book

The book, Fast Cycle Production: The Manufacturing Philosophy That Always Works is a comprehensive summary of the most powerful productivity tools available to the business world.  The author, Tom A. Clason, brilliantly outlines his winning approach to Manufacturing Excellence, which he has been using for several decades to help companies gain market share and defeat their competition. As a successful consultant to a variety of leading companies, Tom Clason has demonstrated that his approach to manufacturing competitiveness works.  Fast Cycle Production is as good if not better than any other cycle time reduction technique being offered today, and more importantly, his tools allow these competitive gains to be continuously improved upon.  In today’s challenging Manufacturing environment, every company is looking for an advantage over its competition.  Fast Cycle Production allows for extraordinary gains to factory throughputs, as well as helping to achieve dramatic cycle time and WIP reductions.  These gains are realized in the order of just a few months, as compared with other approaches that may take years to achieve comparable results. And while maintaining the gains is a challenge for any continuous improvement process; Fast Cycle Production provides the tools for sustaining an on-going operational improvement effort.

Competing in today’s marketplace requires superior manufacturing strategies and a constant vigilance towards increasing productivity by improving production processes.  Fast Cycle Production’s time-tested approach to process improvement has helped a countless number of companies, including several Corporate 100 companies.  By using the approaches outlined in this book, companies have pulled themselves out of pending failure, and turned their organization into industry leaders.  This easy to follow approach to achieving World Class manufacturing status becomes available to everyone through this powerful book.  “Fast Cycle Production” provides the answers to your organization’s productivity needs, whether you're interested in maintaining your competitive edge, or need to completely reinvent your manufacturing processes, these techniques can help you achieve dramatic results.  When used as Tom Clason prescribes for his readers, these principles always produce winning results!

About the Author

Tom Clason has spent over three decades perfecting a manufacturing philosophy and implementation plan that always produces outstanding results. His work with process excellence first started during the Viet Nam War when, as a member of a mobile tactical combat team, he first discovered that the amount of time that it took to set up or tear down a mobile base camp could be reduced dramatically by following a concept that he had developed. The concept was adopted and used by his unit with amazing results. He later named this concept Circles of Motion and has used it in virtually every one of his engagements. Circles of Motion is only one of the outstanding productivity tools developed by Mr. Clason and explained in his book.

After leaving the Air Force, Mr. Clason worked for ten years as a manufacturing manager, during which time he became a student of the accomplishments of Toyota and their use of Just In Time (JIT) concepts and tools. He became an advocate and teacher of both JIT and CFM (Continuous Flow Manufacturing). The Fast Cycle Production productivity improvement system of today is foundationally based on JIT and CFM principles.

In 1989, while working for IBM, Mr. Clason joined a pilot external consulting organization that would eventually become the IBM Consulting Group. After five successful years with the IBM Consulting Group as a productivity/simulation modeling consultant, during which time he was 90% billable; Mr. Clason left IBM to become the Owner/CEO of Fast Cycle Production Consulting. His success with helping companies to improve their processes not only continued, it reached new highs.

During his work as a consultant, Mr. Clason’s client list both with IBM and FCP is a “Who’s Who” of Manufacturing, as well as some very influential and successful service organizations such as Bank of America and Colorado Springs Utilities. His client list includes manufacturing companies such as, Ethicon, Sikorsky, Baxter Health Care (Now known as Allegiance), Keytronics, Engelhard and Rock Tenn. His system has proven to be highly effective in virtually every industry. The fact that his Values Based productivity improvement system has never failed to produce outstanding results is still his proudest accomplishment.