Mom's Metal Men

by Robin L. Amrine



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 5/23/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 260
ISBN : 9781410747204

About the Book

Kamarin Mitchel- has been given an opportunity to reunite and rebuild the largest and most advanced civilization in the Orion star system.

After being raised by his parents, on a little mining planet called L-2, his mother gives him the power to correct ‘all’ that is wrong with their universe. Two metal shape-changing robots that are the most powerful weapons in the universe.

With these metal men, Kamarin must fight the mighty Gorin armies and defeat the Evil warmonger ‘Volar Gahns’ who leads them.

But first, he must re-unite his people who were lost and scattered throughout the galaxy.

His journey leads him to many worlds, and he meets many who would join him in his quest.

With his good friends, Erin Noble- who was born without legs, and is condemned to travel in her ‘treader’ machine, and Lort- the last of his kind- the ‘great granite’ people, Kamarin leaves L-2 not knowing what he will find.

Kamarin learns he is not alone in his endeavors. He finds his parents; though deceased, help him from the world beyond and show him the way. Kamarin does not realize- all the powers given him.

I present to you--

“Mom’s Metal Men”

About the Author

Robin L. Amrine is an Artist and a singer- songwriter since the young age of eight. With his wife of 25 years, three daughters and a grandchild, he has finally realized the novelist in him. 

The stories in his songs and his pictures he’s painted, were just hints of his true creativity. His ‘true’ release comes from the written word.

Believing that good does triumph over evil, he has always wanted to give people hope. There is more to this world than hate.

When he found his daughters were reading nightmarish stories, he decided they- and even some adults, needed to know- there is a good side to all we see. Thus he created...“Mom’s Metal Men.”