Get Your S*#@ Together

A Practical and Humorous Guide to Growing Up

by Douglas B. Thoene

Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/13/2004

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 160
ISBN : 9781410737298

About the Book

There are many resources available that cover these topics; however, there are three things that make this book unique.  First, the author started writing this book when he was 19 and completed the first draft when he was 24.  The content is derived from first hand, recent experiences and lessons learned by a peer who became successful at a very early age.  Second, all of the most important topics and issues affecting the outcome of young adults’ future are brought together under one cover.  This book covers having the right attitude, lifestyle, hot to decide on a career, gain the education you need, obtaining experience, starting a career, buying a reliable car, moving out of your parent’s house, and finally, starting a retirement plan.  The end result is a pre-requisite for every young person who is just beginning to put his or her life together.  It serves as the “Cliff Notes,” for all other career and life planning resources available.  Third, the advice and guidance in this book is not written it typical “self-help language.”  The content is blunt and sometimes down right crude, but it speaks the language of young adults.

About the Author

Upon graduating from Greenway High School in 1992, Douglas Thoene attended Glendale Community College for two years on a President’s Scholarship.  He received a BS in Business Administration in 1996 from Northern Arizona University (NAU).

During his last year in college, Douglas began working in Marketing for Marriott, NAU’s food service provider.  After graduation, he transferred as a Marketing Assistant with Marriott to a larger university.  He later transferred over to Marriott’s hotel division where he worked as a Sales Manager for Residence Inn.  Working his way up in the hotel industry.  Douglas became General Manager for a Hampton Inn with 150 rooms by the age of 25.

By age 27, Douglas launched his own hospitality consulting agency and is now managing a full service hotel, restaurant and bar with Best Western.  When he’s not consulting other hotel companies, he’s consulting young adults between the ages of 16 and 26 on building a successful future.  Now , all of his straight shooting, practical and humorous good advice on growing up and becoming a successful young adult is written down for you to read in his first book, Get Your S*#@t Together.