Faces in the Mirror

by J. A. Smith



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 6/4/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 512
ISBN : 9781403389237
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 512
ISBN : 9781410703347

About the Book

Synopsis: This book is fictional, based on a true premise.

At night an evil entity walked the foggy streets of historic old Charleston carefully choosing his next victim. A serial killer, raping and killing elderly women had invaded this serene old Southern town steeped in history and picturesque estates.

Early in the investigation a leak to the press falsely indicated that a man seen near the victim’s house at the time of the murder had a Jamaican accent. The nightly news program falsely indicates that a blackman is murdering elderly white women. This bit of news brings the town to the edge of chaos. Our heroes, Lt. Beau Gasteneau of the Charleston Police, and his beer drinking police dog Studs, Sally Thornton, FBI profiler, and the Gray Lady Task Force must find the killer before the town erupts into civil unrest. Strangely, it is a homeless blackman named JoJo Jones that brings the black and white communities of Charleston back together. With one unselfish act he sweeps away all the banners of racial hatred and mistrust.

Beau and Sally are like oil and water, they don’t mix. Later, as the investigation continues, they find themselves in harm’s way. It is then that they discover their true feelings for each other and realize they are in love.

In the beginning the investigators believe they may be looking for two perpetrators. Later they discover that the killer is a multiple personality. Inside the killer’s twisted mind lives three distinct personalities. Little David Delongpre, the sexually abused child personality. Gaylord Harcourt the lover who considers himself to be a sexual athlete, and the Beastie, an animal like creature, which is the instrument of death. In his depraved madness the killer has murdered Dr. Michaels his psychiatrist. He keeps his decomposed body locked in the closet, taped to a wheelchair. In the darkest hours of the night they have therapy sessions in the quiet of a rundown third rate apartment.

Through good police work and use of the FBI Serial Killer Database they track the killer’s path of death through three states. Their investigation revealed the existence of the Fetish Club where sexual depravity was the main course and sex slaves for the night were sold to the highest bidder.

Sally has intuitive second sight that enables her to get inside the killer’s mind. She is the FBI’s top Profiler. Sally believes she knows where the killer will strike next and sets herself up as bait. Dressed as an elderly lady the stakeout goes awry and she is abducted by the killer. The attractive FBI agent must use her wits, training, and knowledge to confuse the insane killer until she can be rescued by Beau.

The killer is caught and brought to trial. It is the biggest trial of the century as the media descends on old Charleston. Our heroes watch from beyond the looking glass in the holding cell of the insanity ward at Charleston Memorial Hospital as the forensic psychiatrists interview the multiple personality serial killer. They try to determine if he is really a multiple, or is this a charade in order to be found innocent by reason of insanity. Sally comes to grips with her own sexuality as she relives that fateful night, stripped naked, about to be raped and murdered by a madman.

The smart and sexy public defender, is pitted against a cold, calculating prosecutor. Judge Buckner deals with the legal aspect of how to provide a fair trial and due process for a multiple personality killer. The media makes it a national debate. The politicians want a show trial to stop the violence in the city and a change of venue is out of the question.

Buckner is subjected to the same media attention to which Judge Ito experienced during the OJ Simpson trial. The story dramatically deals with the sensitive issues of how a serial killer is brought to trial? With the media covering every statement, and every debate, the courtroom drama becomes intense as the two ambitious, aggressive lawyers go head to head with the dilemma. As Judge Buckner hears the case and witnesses are called, fiery debates attack, the insanity plea, the legal aspects of the multiple personality syndrome, competency, hypnosis as evidence, and the limitations of forensic psychiatric testimony.

It makes for exciting reading. The story is not just about a serial killer turned loose on an unsuspecting town or the legal aspects of insanity. It is the story of love and romance. How a little child finds a father she never had and about a man who had his life torn apart finds the family he has always wanted. These colorful characters are caught up in the madness of the evil brought on by an insane mind. The tense courtroom drama and the ending will surprise the reader.

About the Author

James A. Smith LTC- USAF- R
Entered the USAF and became a Command Fighter Pilot. After 23 years, retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. Completed three combat tours in Southeast Asia.
Was lead test pilot Director of Flight Test and Training, for project Tropic Moon (classified project) at the Tactical Air Warfare Center, Eglin AFB Florida.
Attended the Squadron Officer’s School, Air War College and the British War College at Old Sarum England, Bailbrook College, Bath England. Fighter Weapons School, Nellis AFB. BA Pepperdine University, Completed my MBAA at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, was a member of the adjunct faculty.
Flying awards and combat decorations include: Distinguished Flying Cross(DFC),Bronze Star with V (Valor Device), Air Medal with 8 OLC (Oak Leaf Clusters),Vietnam Service Medal with 2 OLC, Joint Service Commendation Medal, Air Force Commendation Medal with Cluster, Valorous Unit Award, Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palm, Presidential Unit Citation, Air Force Outstanding Unit Award, Vietnam Presidential Unit Citation, Combat Readiness Medal.
Upon retiring was a system design engineer and consultant for Lockheed Aircraft International where I spent 9½ years as a special advisor to the Royal Saudi Air Force. During the Iraq - Iran War was special advisor to RSAF Sector Operations Center (SOC) Dhahran AFB for air defense of the Arabian oil fields.
In the post Desert Storm era, working for Hughes Aircraft Company, was special advisor to the RSAF General Staff at the Command Operations Center (COC) in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. The COC is a classified command center which is underground, hardened, bio-chemically safe war room that houses an array of computers for the sole purpose of tactical air operations in the defense of Saudi Arabia. From this facility we tasked and monitored air operations over Iraq.
Currently a Senior System’s Engineer with Hughes/Raytheon Technical Services. More recently, spent another 2 ½ years in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on test and validation of advanced air defense systems. Have developed and written numerous technical publications for these companies.
For the past eight years was an adjunct writer and researcher for MDR Productions Hollywood. The late Marty Roth, a writer for 40 years in Hollywood, was my mentor and good friend. Have completed three screen plays and wish to dedicate the publication of this work in his honor. Marty and I have written three screen plays, and a two TV scripts. Was a intelligence consultant on Marty’s latest book for Writer’s Digest.