an historical novella of terrorism and traditional spirit and other stories

by Marie-Noelle Gay



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/1/2003

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : E-Book
Page Count : 164
ISBN : 9781403345226

About the Book

THOMASSIN ...and other stories, is a collection of intriguing tales.

The title piece, an historical novella, is based on the tweaking of historical facts; the old game of "what if." THOMASSIN goes back and forth between some advanced date into the twenty-first century and the end of the fourteenth century when a Duke of Gloucester saw his last in the jail at Calais, then held by the English. In this story Thomas Gloucester does not die. Destiny intervenes seven centuries later in the life of Mademoiselle Marianne Thomassin, Sorbonne student, during the quest for her first passport and a visa for the United States where she has been accepted as a foreign student. Modern terrorism and the spirit of traditions inhabit both medieval and modern events. At both junctures it is difficult to tell the good from the bad guys. The other stories, like THOMASSIN, feature interesting and strong women who, at whatever time in history and on whatever continent, turn the proverbial lemon into lemonade but with a twist of inventiveness and courage. Gay's writing is imaginative, profound, provocative, and at the same time, entertaining.

About the Author

Marie-Noëlle Gay lived in Normandy during her childhood where she survived WWII, D-Day, and the Battle. As such, and because of the connection between the English Crown and the Duchy, she bears a particular interest in history. Gay was educated in France, Ireland, and the U.S. She holds a B.A. from Indiana University-Herron Art, two M.A.'s from the University of Louisville, in creative writing, and in French for which she defended a thesis on Simone de Beauvoir. Much of Gay's writing is about the constrictions and possibilities in the lives of women. Her work has been published in Forum, Tropos, West Virginia University Philological Papers, Kentucky Poetry Review, Kentucky Writing, Pegasus, Louisville Courier-Journal, Writers' Corner Magazine, American Jones, and THEMA.