Stories from the Storyteller

by James W. Graham, Jr.



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 3/24/2003

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 176
ISBN : 9781403340092
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : E-Book
Page Count : 176
ISBN : 9781403340085

About the Book

The place, an elementary school in suburban Detroit. A bright eyed, excited student steps up to the front of the class after being chosen from the sea of eager hands of her classmates. The student reaches into a brightly colored cloth bag and retrieves an object which is given to "The Storyteller" who intern uses it as a launching pad into the world of an original fable filled with fun, excitement and lessons for all.

This illustration gives insight as to the genesis and usage of "Stories From The Storybag". Other works included in this book, "Holiday Stories" and "Jonah’s Whale’s Tales" had origins which include my attempt of taking an egg and a bunny, (remembering bunnies don’t lay eggs), and connecting them to Christ on the cross, and my favorite, while needing a fish story, I used a whale looking for his purpose in life who ends up transporting a wayward prophet to the place GOD told that prophet to go, all in the context of an African storyteller. The latter two groups of stories as well as "Proper Prayer" were created for use in Sunday school, however, my favorite group of these stories "High John The Comforter", had its intended audiences in prisons, churches and auditoriums for adult audiences for many occasions, including one funeral.

Even though I call myself "The Storyteller", I do acknowledge the true source of these stories is "THE CREATOR". This book is a combined effort of my immediate family to acknowledge "THE CREATOR" as "THE REAL STORYTELLER".

About the Author

Imagine standing in a church pulpit overlooking the coffin of a close friend and former patient, with a church full of mourners, while attempting to fulfill her last request by telling stories. Try to picture a day which starts by telling stories to a class of first graders, followed by treating homebound physical therapy patients (some of which include: a terminally ill seven year old; a ninety-three year old stroke victim who lives alone; and a mother of four who goes into a comma and has to be sent to the emergency room) and ending the day by participating in a workshop for incarcerated individuals in one of the local prisons. These are examples of the experiences which THE REAL STORYTELLER has used to bring James W. Graham, Jr. to the present point in which he calls himself a storyteller.

As a husband, father of two, a former physical therapist and former Sunday school teacher, James is now pursuing a career in special education. He feels The CREATOR shaped his life into that of a storyteller by including: his now deceased father, who fostered a love of storytelling during the much remembered bed-time stories; his mother, a former teacher; his sister a dancer who introduced James to his storytelling mentors, Jamal Koram and Opalanga Pugh as well as to African culture; and his wife and kids who were often forced to lend an ear to his storytelling.

In 1992, what started with reading to his children at night has taken the form of delivering the message in churches, performing in parks, auditoriums, school classrooms, detention centers and prisons. With each experience James is the first to admit he received as much or more than THE CREATOR gave, when James was used as a storyteller.

It is with the preceding in mind that one can better understand the genesis of STORIES FROM THE STORYTELLER.