The Singingwood

by Michael Anthony Cariola



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 8/30/2002

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 312
ISBN : 9781403321312

About the Book

Greed and avarice often have terrible consequences. When human traders violate the sacred forest belonging to the Tu-Grik-Ng and the alien foliage is brought back to Earth, the results are devastating to both worlds. Introducing these plants unchecked into Earth’s fragile environment proves to be ecologically disastrous and on Abahrazha the Tu-Grik-Ng lament the loss of their most sacred forest, the Singingwood.

Years later, Tobias meets his fate when his crippled ship goes down on the remote planet, Abahrazha. Searching the remains of the wreckage, Bedukh, the gentle elder of Razha-Giim, locates the dying Tobias and nurtures him back to health. Bedukh’s people have chosen isolation since their first disastrous encounter with humanity and Tobias is prevented from returning to his home on Beta-Tau colony. Instead, he is initiated into Grikkian society and learns to live as one of them. Tobias soon discovers that long ago, the ancient ones of Abahrazha had destroyed their world through war and technology. Hence, for thousands of years the Tu-Grik-Ng, as survivors and inheritors of Abahrazha, have lived in peace by embracing the Green Sciences of tree and leaf. Tobias advances in his understanding of the Green Way but continues to struggle with his humanity. Given a glimpse of his destiny, Tobias embarks on a journey to the sentinel of the Ancients in hopes of solving its shadowed meaning. There he discovers the disturbing truth about the planet’s shrouded past. What he unleashes can either damn the Tu-Grik-Ng or save them from their stagnation.

The Singingwood is the first book to the Chronicles of Abahrazha. The saga continues in Book 2: Arcalian Apocalypse and concludes in Book 3: Children of Prophecy.

About the Author

Michael Anthony Cariola was born in 1956 and is the son of nationally renowned artist, Robert J. Cariola. He was influenced in the arts at an early age with a love for classical music and literature. Having grown up with such TV fare as Lost in Space, Star Trek, and Twilight Zone as his viewing diet, it was only natural that his leanings in literature would be towards such writers as J.R.R. Tolkein, Ray Bradbury, Aldous Huxley and Robert Heinlein, to name a few. With a deep love for the Spirit of Creation and nature, Michael worked for several years in environmental lobbying which gave him a broader knowledge of the ecological impact that modern man is having upon our planet. With a deep need to express his dismay with mankind’s unwillingness to alter the path he is on, Michael has found his voice and expression with his first novel, The Singingwood, Book 1 of The Chronicles of Abahrazha. An allegory, The Singingwood is based on the author’s own longing for a better and simpler world, where respect for ourselves, each other, and our planet are paramount. It also speaks of his underlying fear that mankind’s inability to change may ultimately be his undoing. Nevertheless, it is a novel filled with hope and spiritual awakening written with poignancy and a certain amount of humor.

Having been born and raised in Long Island, New York, Michael now makes his residence in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho with his partner Jeri and her son Jonathon. Michael also has two beautiful children, Noelle Joy and Michael Frederick. Michael has completed Book 2 of The Chronicles of Abahrazha entitled, Arcalian Apocalypse and is presently putting the finishing touches on Book 3, Children of Prophecy.